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URL alteration mishap

  • I got a new website name with my webhost deal, and just worked out how to redirect where the url web address points to in that particular control panel.

    I had wordpress in its usual folder, and had my url pointed to the root directory, with nothing there as of yet. I decided to let the url point to the wordpress directory, but alas, it messed up my WordPress website, as yet not public so no woes in that respect.

    How big a mistake is this?

    Update, my WordPress is ok again now as I changed the url back to what it was. I can reach the WordPress site by just adding the /wordpress onto the address – but when I altered the adress to point to WordPress, I got the front page, with no css, plus no way to get into admin.

    Ah well, live and learn eh?

    I guess there is some way to alter my adress, but I might just make a homepage the old fashioned way.

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  • Hi LL,
    I’m a bit slow sometimes.
    Do you mean you had WP in example.com/blog with the url pointing to example.com
    Then changed it to point to the WP folder?

    Or just the domain name redirected to an existing site?

    BTW, how’s the 3 column theme coming?

    Samboll, I changed the domain name to point to the wordpress folder, but the site seemed to lose the Css and I could not go to admin.

    Maybe I should have waited longer for the changes, but I just presumed that because I saw the WordPress site, albiet messed up, that the domain name changes were all sorted.

    Its ok now though as I changed the domain back to what it was. I need a domain for the root of my directory anyway, and have a few more to put up.

    The three column theme is being used by me for a website and all seems to be ok, I’ll post the link to it in the usual thread because its changed a bit more, and is not the one I’ve had linked to for the past few days.

    I can’t remember any successful attempt to use a redirected/pointed domain to a WP folder somewhere else.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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