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    Hello Guys!!!

    Version 3.1.10 is a major update for the URIS plugin.

    The effect you will see after plugin version 3.1.10 update:
    – All slider settings will be reset once after this update. You need to set all slider settings once again. I am really sorry about this mess, but It’s strongly required with the plugin for good results.

    Major changes I did:

    Double Serialization of Slider Setting Removed
    I have removed the serialize() and base64_encode() bad function.
    The plugin was using double serialization of the code for saving settings which were the bad coding.
    And WordPress guidelines also not recommended that to serialize the data into the bad format.
    Many developers/users who are using the plugin also suggested that to remove bad saving of setting format.
    So, I finally removed that from the plugin and implemented the new and stable logic of the code.

    Slide Alt Tag
    If the image has already an alt tag set by admin through Media then the plugin will use it apply to slides.
    If Image hasn’t an alt tag then plugin use image title.
    If the image hasn’t a title then the plugin will use the slider post title
    That will make your slider slide truly SEO friendly.
    If you Guys request me to add a setting to set Alt tags for each slide through slider dashboard then I will implement this setting for you.

    Some Other Changes
    – Unused assets (CSS, JS, Images) removed
    – Slider latest jQuery library updated
    – Typos fixed
    – WordPress 5.3.1 UI design issues fixed
    – Set Slide Title As setting removed
    – Help and Support Page “site migration section” Removed
    No more needed with new code, this section was required due to bad function and coding. The website migration will take effect automatically with slider, no extra steps you need to follow during a website migration.

    Hide Title & Description
    To hide Title and description of the slide you need to save it blank.
    If you required a setting to hide and show slide Title & Description, let me know I will add into the plugin.

    If you have created too many sliders on your website, contact me via my website. I will help you individually to reconfigure the setting for all sliders. I will do all the work for you.

    Request: I need your support to keep these changes, please accept and continue with the plugin for the best results in the future.

    Really Thanks To All My URIS Users
    Faraz Frank

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    All Guys,

    First, please keep the backup of the website.

    And after that share your website access (if you can) to me using my site. I will help to all slider recover.

    Please do not add a new slider or update the existing slider for now.

    I will recover all for you.


    @farazfrank, would you please address my problem? Once again, updating from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 breaks all of our sliders and the “recover” option does not work. I’ve rolled back to 3.4.0 so we have functional sliders on our site, but how do I update the plugin without losing all our sliders?

    Are you able to provide a solution or not? If not, I will no longer be using your plugin and will also rate it one star and advise others not to use it for the unreliability and the major headache and loss of productivity it will have caused.

    Like Jeremy above, the “recover” options did absolutely nothing for us either.

    @farazfrank … Any chance you can advise on how to recover our sliders if the Recover option does nothing?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Second post from me, following the one just prior to xmas, where the single slider on our site broke (lost all it’s formatting and looked terrible) and number of sliders multiplied continually until I realised what was happening and disabled the plugin when we had about 6,000 (yes six thousand) sliders. Also had to remove the shortcode on the relevant page (just on home.php for us).

    Offering admin access to our site to the author to fix is unacceptable – though thanks for the offer.

    My solution in the end was using the wpBulkDelete plugin to remove all the sliders, and manually install v3.3.9 of URIS. I’ve recreated a single slider and updated the shortcode on home.php. Fortunately I have a backup site where I can find the settings and same photos that were used previously.

    I’ll watch this forum for others commenting that a future update works correctly before updating.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Currently, I am helping some users for recovering the sliders, which contacted me through my website.

    You guys are correct, the “Recover Slider” page not functioning well.
    Recovering users slider also leads to finding what wrong with the “Recover Slider” option.

    I will update the plugin by Monday and Tuesday.

    Thanks for all your support and trust.

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    Thanks for letting us know farazfrank,
    I couldn’t wait so I recreated the sliders.

    Keep up the good work. I know this update had been frustrating for both users and yourself. As a programmer myself, I also understand the complexities of programming and that sometimes things go awry.

    I appreciate that you’re doing all you can, your heart is in the right place.
    Thanks for offering this free plugin to the community.

    Is there any fix for this plugin forthcoming? I manually rebuilt my critical sliders but if I’ve got to rebuild all the others, I’m just going to move on to a more reliable plugin.

    I tried updating from 3.4.0 to 3.4.2, but this update also resulted in disappeared sliders for which the “recover” option does not work.

    I still hope this can be resolved so I can update the plugin without losing sliders, but I’ll be looking for an alternative plugin in the meantime that I can trust to be more reliable.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hey Guys!

    Update the plugin version 3.4.3.

    And please refer it –


    Thank you for this update. This time, it worked as intended. Most of our sliders were intact after the update (whereas before they’d all disappeared) and for the one exception, this time the “recover” option worked. So we are now updated and all sliders are appearing as they should on the front end.

    THANK YOU!!!

    By the way, I had previously rated URIS 5 stars and have just updated my review to discuss this issue and explain why I’m keeping my 5 star review:

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Thanks so much, for all your support, @gillesgagnon, @3d0g and @jrh001.
    Your feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks so much for using the plugin.
    Keep Supporting and Sliding πŸ˜€

    V3.4.3 has now worked for us on our development (localhost) sites apart from 2 sliders, which had somehow lost one image each. These were easily fixed. Hopefully this now brings this to a close. One good thing is that it did prove to us the value of updating on a development environment and doing our own regression checking, rather than just relying on a live environment. Thank you for the fix.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hi @tssblog,

    Thanks for the update and I am happy for you.

    Please support my work if you like.

    Thanks & Keep Supporting and Sliding πŸ˜€

    Hi Frank

    great plugin!

    But I have the issue, that the first two posts get duplicated when i activate the slider.
    I explain: I have a blog showing the first 8 posts.
    Post one: only text
    Post two: text and a slide
    Post tree further (lets say only text)

    So activating the slider the first and second post are shown correct. Then the first and second posts are duplicated and the slide shows the loading.png.
    The further posts are shown correctly again.

    see example:

    Thanks for a reply

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