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    Long and stupid story on my part.

    wp_taxonomy got deleted from my database and the most recent backup I have is October.

    Neeadless to say I would rather just add it to my database than do a restore from the latest backup.

    What are the parameters of wp-taxonomy so I can add it to my database?

    name: wp_taxonomy
    number of fields: ????

    what are all the variables?

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  • Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you not read through your most recent database backup and find the section that creates the wp_taxonomy table?

    Copy that out and run it as an sql query through phpmyadmin or whatever you use to manage your database.

    Make sure you have a backup of your current database before you do it.

    I have no idea if I can or not. i looked in the backup file and it is all greek to me.

    On top of that, for wathever reason, the backupfile is 18MB and phpmyadmin doesn’t allow a file that size.


    Any WP gurus around?

    My clean install of 2.7 has no wp_taxonomy but I do have wp_term_taxonomy. Is that the one that you are missing or is wp_taxonomy the result of a plugin?

    yes, term_taxonomy is the one I am looking for?

    any ideas?

    OMG OMG OMG OMG. I was able to save myself from another WP install database.

    Phew… Thanks IAN your initial idea saved me.


    Now to find a decent backup plugin

    Trying to work out how to post sql code without it getting encoded…

    No worries Ian. I was able to get it all working. Thanks for your time on this!!!!!

    Good to hear. If you can spare the time would you be so kind as to explain what you did?

    That way someone else with the same problem can get the benefit too.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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