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    I am the director of a non-profit called Big Future Group in NYC that currently uses a WordPress website ( We currently switch the registration of our domain names and from to Gandi, but have always hosted all of our FTP files and website files on Gandi.
    We have a backup of the website stored to an external DropBox, but this is an older version and updates had been made on WordPress since. Last night, our website completely stopped working and we are at a loss for why. I can’t even access our WordPress account via the “admin” username we had set up, and now can only access a VERY limited, and VERY old, version of our site using the master “bigfuturegroup” account. I am speculative to whether this may have been an old account started by someone previously at our organization, because I’m somewhat confident that our page used to say “Howdy, BigFuture”, not “Howdy, bigfuturegroup” when I would log into the site dashboard. I’ve checked the DNS zones to include wordpress’, but this clearly was not the answer. The website remains broken. We had also purchased a custom theme and plugins, none of which I see.
    In addition, I now no longer see any of the website files in the FTP folders. We are truly panicking, as this website is our sole source for donations and fundraising for our projects. I’ve made a very rough temporary “under construction” page on the old website for today, but this is only sufficient for a few hours. Please contact me as soon as possible with direction. You can reach me from 8-10pm standard easter time at [ phone number redacted too ] or via my email at [email redacted] or [email redacted]. Many thanks for your promptness and assistance.

    Sincerely, Marissa

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  • This is rather confusing – you linked to a WordPress.COM hosted site but you’re talking about a self-hosted site?

    This site shows it is at WordPress.COM – in which case you need to ask them about it –

    Note that neither here (nor WordPress.COM) provide support via phone or email.

    Thanks for your reply. Perhaps this is actually the problem. Our back-up of the old website shows that it is a website. I’m wondering if the site that it’s now routing to (the really old one)is actually an old site created by past colleagues before they decided to do a site. Is there anyway I can assure that it’s routing to a site?


    WordPress.ORG does not host any sites – so any sites NOT hosted on WordPress.COM would be hosted on a third party host – which we have no information about.

    If you moved the domain name registration, did you set the nameservers correctly?

    This makes sense. As I said before, our site is actually hosted on Gandi. Nothing was changed with the hosting, which is why I’m so baffled.

    This may be useful:

    The nameservers ARE set to WordPress.COM – not to a self-hosted host – you need to change those. Or perhaps you had domain mapping set on WP.COM – in which case you’d need to ask them about it.

    BTW, Nameserver changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect.

    Those links are very helpful!

    I just changed our name servers to gandi. I tried fixing things by setting up a “CName” as listed here:

    Did I just mess things up?

    Are you using your WordPress.COM site? If your site is self-hosted – then WordPress.COM should not be in the loop at all. Or if you are using that domain name or want it mapped to your current domain names, you need to ask them.

    No. We’d like to just use the site. But how can I make sure there still is one?

    And now that I’ve changed the DNS’s back to gandi’s, we get this page:

    How can we link this back to our website?

    Thanks so much for all of your help!

    It takes up to 72 hours for nameserver changes to take full effect. So that’s probably why you still see the .COM site.

    But how can I make sure there still is one?

    You’ll need to look at the server files on gandi – and, assuming the site is intact there, once the nameservers work, the site should show up there.

    Fingers crossed! Thanks a million!

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