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  • Just now I saw a notice in my dashboard to update the Twitter Widget Pro plugin. The update immediately resulted in a white screen. The usual screen that says the plugin has been successfully updated appeared, but when I tried clicking to another page, I got a white screen. Everything I click results in the same thing. I cannot access anything.

    I haven’t touched anything but CSS all day, and I’ve been working for hours on my website today. I contacted StudioPress support and will also contact my hosting provider Synthesis, but I sure hope to hear from you. What happened? How do I fix this?

    I can access my files via FTP. Please tell me there’s a quick fix for this.


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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    I’ve update a bunch of my sites today with the new version, and all of them went off without a hitch. Honestly the changes are so small it’s tough to imagine that it’s really an issue with the new version of the plugin.

    Maybe the updated didn’t finish properly? Try removing the plugin via FTP by deleting the folder. If your site comes back, try re-installing the plugin.

    Thanks, Aaron. We’ll see if that fixes the problem. I can’t imagine why this happened. My internet connection is strong. I’ll post back here once it’s back up and running.

    Okay, so my hosting provider Synthesis rolled my plugins directory back to their last backup from early this morning. My website was fully accessible once they did this.

    But before they restored my website, I deleted the Twitter Widget Pro folder. This did not restore my website. I still had white screens. When Synthesis did the restore, I saw the update notice for the plugin and once again clicked it to see what would happen. Sure enough the same thing happened. My website now displays a white screen, no matter what I do.

    So I’ve asked Synthesis to repeat the restore process. This time around I did not delete the Twitter plugin folder. I’m not saying that your plugin caused this, but I can’t see that I did anything that would have shut down my website. I’ll post back here when I learn more.

    Synthesis support once again restored my website to an earlier backup. They said the problem is with the plugin and recommended that I delete this one and choose a different one. I love this one and can’t understand what happened.

    They said that even deleting it could crash my website. So I thought I would just deactivate it for now and work on my website tonight, and then delete it tomorrow and see what happens. But deactivating the plugin crashed my website.

    This is very frustrating.

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Once the plugin is deactivated, none of the code from it is even being loaded, so it’s not the plugin code that’s causing this. Maybe your theme or another plugin is trying to use a function from Twitter Widget Pro without actually checking to see if it exists first (this would cause a whitescreen if the plugin was disabled)?

    Ask your host where you can get your error logs. That’s a good place to start looking to track something like this down. The whitescreen just means that there’s a fatal error on the site but that your site isn’t set to display errors (which is good). Those errors should still be getting logged somewhere though.

    Someone on my hosting provider’s support team went out of their way to help figure this out. They determined that this bit of code created the error:

    /** Remove Twitter Pro Hashtag Links */
    //function range_no_hashtag_links() {
    //      $wpTwitterWidget = wpTwitterWidget::getInstance();
    //      remove_filter( 'widget_twitter_content', array( $wpTwitterWidget, 'linkHashtags' ) );
    //add_action( 'init', 'range_no_hashtag_links' );

    I’m pretty sure I got this code from this forum. It never created any problems until the update. Do you know why? I’d like to remove the hashtag links and continue using this great plugin. Thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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