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    We are developing a long multi-page form here:
    user: test
    pwd: testing123

    I have a client meeting this afternoon. Everything WAS working well until yesterday. Now when we enter a new user at [pdb_signup groups=”main” action=”occupation”], and the form proceeds to second page (slug: occupation) with the shortcode [pdb_record groups=”occupation” action=”occupation2″] we get a blank page with “Record Not Found”

    The same thing happens when we click on any of the Private Links in the List Participants admin screen. These were all working earlier. I have rechecked all the shortcodes and seetigns and disabled any recently added plugins.

    I have deactivated and reactivated the PDB plugin, and looked through the forums. Please let me know if you have any idea what the problem may be.

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    OK, I tested it and it appears to be working. I would suggest testing the form on another browser or deleting the site cookies and trying it again. The application uses a cookie to identify the user and present them with the second page of the form. If that cookie is missing or invalid, it can’t show the second page.

    Thanks very much for taking a look. In this instance it worked because I finally decided at about 3 am rolled back the website to my last good backup from yesterday afternoon. Still not sure what I did to break it. If it happens again, I will try deleting the cookies.

    I have a couple other questions on the multi-page form. If these are already covered somewhere I’m happy to dig through the documentation some more:

    1) When a participant comes back to his/her record using their private link, is there a way to let them see their name as in “Welcome back, [first_name] [last_name]” so they feel confident they are in the right place?

    2) It looks like the Browser “back” button works to see what is already entered. Is it possible to a) put a back link on the form pages, or b) put a “review screen” that includes all fields already completed before the final thank you screen? (Confession: we’ve mimicked this functionality by accident by calling on a field groups that doesn’t exist on the page that includes the action=”thank-you”)

    2) On your example page ( you show to make the shortcode on the first page: [pdb_signup groups=”main” action=”signup-page-2″ submit_button=”Next”].

    3) We just have [pdb_signup] on our first screen, and it works well since this is a VERY long form (20 field groups) that no one would do in one setting. This gives them an early chance to stop and come back later, without waiting till the very end to get their private link. Is there a problem with not including a ‘groups’ and ‘action’ in the signup shortcode?

    Thanks, we will definitely be making a donation for your great plugin and support.

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    OK, most of what you want to do is possible, but you’ll need to create your own custom templates, and of course for that you’ll need to know how to code PHP and HTML.

    For the last question, you don’t need the “groups” attribute in the signup shortcode because you can determine which fields are shown in the form using the “signup” checkboxes in the field definitions…

    however, you must use the “action” attribute if you want the form to have more than one page, because without it, the form will stay on the same page when submitted, and the form will be “closed” and all the values stored and no longer visible to the user.

    I do know how to code basic PHP and am fluent in HTML. I was able to create add a template for the record page to my child theme and make a few changes, though not everything I hoped to – for now.

    I added a sentence to the bottom of the pdb_record default template with a link that they can use to go to a page that has the [pdb_request_link] shortcode on it, so now they can request the link on any page of this long multi-page form. (I dont’ really understand why you would want it on the sign-up form since until they submit it they haven’t been emailed their Private Link, so how could they have “lost” it? – so I have unchecked that option in the signup page settings.

    I have two new questions (well, issues of weirdness), but I’ll put this in a new topic and call this one resolved.

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