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  • You might what to provide more info about “Site … has crashed”.

    Log files?


    Have you disabled plugins?

    Have you changed to the WordPress Default theme?

    Do you have backups?

    The site was showing a “forbidden” page on the home page as well as the admin page. I contacted the host provider and they are switching my site to a new server for now (due to high CPU usage). But I am concerned that perhaps there are inefficient sql queries within the wordpress core files. Has this been a problem in the past and is there a solution?

    I did disable most of my plugin yesterday when the same thing happened. After a few hours the site came back up and had a loading speed of about 7s. I changed the default theme to Brajeshwar-7 but that was about four weeks ago. No errors or log files that I know of.


    There are untold thousands of WP sites currently running. Don’t you think if this was a problem with WP itself there would be more posts about this?

    Also, if the problem is with WordPress, don’t see how switching to a new server would necessarily solve the problem.

    The reality is that I have a problem with my site and I am using WordPress as the platform. I realize that tons of other sites are using WP as well but I’ve read in several post of inefficient sql queries. I just would like to know whether that is an issue I can resolve. I should not be having these issues since I don’t generate enough traffic. IF someone has something to say that would help me resolve my issue I would certainly appreciate it.

    Try deactivating plugins, one-by-one, to see if one of them is the culprit.

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    The SQL queries likely isn’t the issue for CPU overload, but the PHP calls may be. You may want to try something like WP-Super-Cache to help out.

    I had this issue a year or so back when I faced the DIGG effect (pain!) and optimizing my WP install to not make as many PHP calls. Look up digg-proofing WordPress in Google for ideas.

    Thanks for your help MichaelH and Ipstenu

    Why has crashed?

    I am unable to access any of its blogs.



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    Servers fall over sometimes. That’s just part of Life.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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