Urgent: Seemingly impossible problem - one install by fantastico affects 2 hosts (2 posts)

  1. jdwilbur
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all. This is a really weird problem, and something that I thought would be impossible, but I used fantastico to install WP on bluehost.com. I am planning to transfer a website to bluehost under the name southnow.org, so that's what I put in for the hostname in the fantastico WP installation. However, I have NOT changed the DNS to point to this new host yet. I am still surfing the site by using http://box18.bluehost.com/~southnow.

    So, I was very surprised when I went to my original WP installation (at the current, and correct southnow.org) and saw that it had pointers to the new WP install! I still haven't figured it out, so you can see it in action at http://southnow.org/blog. Click a link in the archive list, and you'll see that it points to http://box18.bluehost.com/~southnow/blog/etc...

    The worst thing is that it's locking me out of my admin screens, so I can't even change the configuration. I've checked the files manually (using my terminal), and everyting appears correct in the config file and the database, but the website is just totally hosed. Does anyone have any idea 1) how this happened, 2) how to fix it?

  2. jdwilbur
    Posted 10 years ago #

    It's all fixed. Edited the database by hand. I still have no idea how this happened, but I will remember how to fix it. Note to all - single host installs work better.

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