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  • I’ve been struggling with WC Multivendor Marketplace, though it looks wonderful and almost works! Programming this to work with Woocommerce Simple Auctions as you indicated it would integrate. This is for silent auction, all proceeds to admin. Had over 250 products already in shop (NOT auction items). Added WC MVM, configured and attempted to allow ONLY one product category, Auction Items, be available to a “vendor” (free registered contributor to silent auction for benefit of non-profit). I was never able to limit the category for “vendor” to select just “Auction Item” for their product, BUT, your code snippet to hide virtual and download worked well. So… I tried to modify it to hide all ids for categories that should not be available (only ONE taxonomy with id 676 should be available in this dashboard). It may be that this function changed all product statuses to pending, and they disappeared from shop… Not sure. But below is the code, and I removed it from functions, but products of course are still pending. What is snippet to reverse the hiding? I am willing to pay for Pro if hiding all categories except one for vendor is too much work. Here is my function, which was supposed to apply ONLY to vendor dashboard… Please help??

    function wcfm_custom_product_manage_fields_general( $general_fileds, $product_id, $product_type ) {
    	global $WCFM;
            $product_id = array(51, 321, 517, 525, 526, 423, 323, 331, 330, 328, 329, 83, 376, 200, 201, 202, 203, 188, 87);
    	if( in_array( $product_id) ) {
    	$general_fileds[$product_id]['class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    	$general_fileds[$product_id]['desc_class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    	if( isset( $general_fileds['is_virtual'] ) ) {
    		$general_fileds['is_virtual']['class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    		$general_fileds['is_virtual']['desc_class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    	if( isset( $general_fileds['is_downloadable'] ) ) {
    		$general_fileds['is_downloadable']['class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    		$general_fileds['is_downloadable']['desc_class'] = 'wcfm_custom_hide';
    	return $general_fileds;
    add_filter( 'wcfm_product_manage_fields_general', 'wcfm_custom_product_manage_fields_general', 150, 3 );

    thank you in advance…

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello? I hope you are okay, during this pandemic. It’s been 2 days, 4 hours. I truly thought your plugin would interface with Woocommerce Simple Auctions, as listed in your description. Your product is mostly wonderful, very well done! But sadly the auction segments don’t show at all. No matter how many times I click “Save,” the Product Type Specific Category Setup doesn’t seem to do anything for the Store Vendor options. (Please note that I went back to vanilla, removed my little function trying to limit categories to just Auction item.) Still the front end manager just won’t show the product called Auction (from Simple Auction). Maybe you have to remove that from your description? Or is there a simple workaround? Please help, I’ve been waiting to see if this might work, and if so, it deserves a great review and five stars. I would even consider purchasing the pro version. But not if it really won’t work with Woocommerce Simple Auctions. PS: Simple Auction works by itself, but ONLY if I am logged in as Admin at Admin Menu and choose to create a product there. It just won’t talk to your plugin. Hope you can help, I’m on a really tight deadline. Thank you very much.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by ideahost.
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