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    – Two products, the main product and a secondary product.
    – Two currencies, the base currency and currency B.
    – No plugin incompatibilities and using the latest of everything. Currency plugin is irrelevant, you can use WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher or WooCommerce Multi-Currency.

    I found an important bug that limits the plugin from being used with multicurrency. I wish I could fix it yet I don’t know where. If you could fix this bug I have a glowing review and a professional Spanish translation of the plugin waiting for you . . . . .

    The issue: on the cart page, the secondary product price in currency B is converted again into currency B.

    A secondary product with base currency price of $10 has no problem from product to cart to checkout. If the currency is changed to currency B (say 20 to 1 exchange rate) the price is shown correctly on the product page ($200). Then, when added to the cart it’s as if the base price were $200, and the price in the cart will show $4000.

    Apparently what needs to change is not to convert already converted prices in currency B.

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  • Plugin Author WPClever


    Hi @wtsadmin ,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    We’ve received some reports about the incompatibility of this plugin with our plugin, however, our developers haven’t been able to find any valid solution to make them work together. Most of the multi-currency plugins cause some issues with our plugins and messing up the prices/discounts.

    Sadly, for now, we cannot find any workaround for this. Our developers are working to test and find a proper multicurrency plugin for using with ours.

    Have you tried contacting the developers of that plugin? Maybe they can give some useful suggestions.

    Best regards.

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    Thread Starter Dr. D


    Much thanks for replying so quickly. It looks like you’ve been busy with this issue.

    Have you tried contacting the developers of that plugin?

    I have not, as it’s not just one multicurrency plugin. I imagine it would be more feasible for this plugin to find a solution than the many other multicurrency ones. Oh well, these things happen. Good thing is it only affects big sites which handle multicurrencies. Thanks again for all the wonderful code y’all produce.

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