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  • Andrew Nevins


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    What is the issue specifically?

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    The theme homepage doesn’t display correctly on small device screens, like mobile phones. The boxes for each service, for instance.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    I can help if you identify and describe a specific issue, otherwise you’ll likely have to wait until the theme developer is free to help you.

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    Hi there,

    I am having the same issue. See below the major responsive issues.

    1. The service boxes on the home page for mobile read three across rather than stacking each service full width.
    2. Home page, I am also having an issue with the hamburger menu not showing up unless I side scroll to the right.
    3. Padding is too much on text content on home page
    4. Special offers box title and button poor alignment

    FYI – The common pages on the website don’t have these problems.

    Help would be appreciated!

    Thread Starter lucy_jo


    Hi Stride,

    Have you had any joy?

    The hamburger menu works well on my site, maybe play with the logo size?

    The only problem I have with the mobile menu is it won’t scroll down enough so not all the drop down options are visible. I’ve amended some of the CSS so it is slightly better but not really solved the issue.

    The service boxes are the main issue for me, as you have said, they are displaying as they would on a computer screen side by side.

    Our site is about to go live, so I will have to try and resolve these issues, I will let you know if I come up with something.

    The theme seemed really good, but it does put me off when queries remain unanswered. But thank you Andrew Nevins for replying. Maybe you’ll help us discover a solution.

    Thread Starter lucy_jo


    The developers were kind enough to let me know they are working on the theme and an update will become available

    Awesome, thanks Lucy!

    The issue with the horizontal scroll on the home page was only happening with the ‘Service’ and ‘Testimonial’ widgets activated? Once deactivated, it corrected itself.

    Hi Lucy,

    I tried the following css out and it seems to have solved the issue on mobile. May not be perfect, but definitely better.

    .dt-services-holder { width:30.2%; margin-right:2%; margin-bottom: 50px}
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    .dt-services-holder { width:100%; margin-right:1%; margin-bottom: 10px}


    the theme is nice on the desktop, but F*** it is not very good for mobiles!
    need to use another theme 🙁

    Thread Starter lucy_jo


    Stride, you genius you! Great temp fix. I’ve contacted the developers a couple of times who assured me an update was imminent along with a premium version… hmmm.

    Agreed rmone, it looks ace on desktops but the majority use mobiles now.

    Thanks chaps, kept coming back to this issue and spent too many hours messing with the css!

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