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  • Hello,

    First off, I love this theme! It’s very flexible, so thank you.

    I need to move the main menu down by about 30px or so, but no matter where I add a margin-top: 30px, I can’t seem to make this happen. What do I need to edit? I tried .menu/etc.

    My end goal is to add a background image to #header, but I need for the header area to have more space, thus my desire to push the main menu down by 30px or so.

    Please help! I need to get this done very soon.

    Thank you,


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    To be clear, I basically need it to be like this so that when I add a background image to #header, there is enough canvas to work with:

    I could add a top margin to the #header, but then the background image wouldn’t extend all the way to the top.

    Please help me out.


    I am not looking to hire somebody for what should be a quick margin/padding insertion for somebody familiar with the theme.


    Without a link to your site, no way to answer that kind of question. CSS is totally site/theme specific, so it’s quite difficult to help without looking at how your site is set up. If you can’t post a link, Responsive’s dedicated forums will be the best place for help – as they know the theme inside and out:

    All CSS/code is default at the moment. I have posted a help thread at the official support forum as well:

    I figured it out by adding a bottom margin to #logo, but I am wondering whether or not that is the best way.


    I can’t answer that without seeing the site – images don’t work for CSS questions. Generally, if it works and doesn’t cause other layout issues or errors, it should be fine. I’m sure you’ll get a reply on Emil’s forums as soon as someone is able. Since support is free and it’s a holiday weekend in the US, it may not be as quick as you’d like :).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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