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  • Hey friends,i searched whole forum,but dint find a answer to my query. Ok,now please help me..
    I have my site here,

    While viewing this main index and or other pages,everything is allright,but when im going to any category page,then the SUBSCRIBE NOW and its text is getting floated to left sidewards.
    Like here,

    How to align that in the correct position???
    Where is the error and in which file i have to fix this error and how???

    Kindly,pleaseeeeeeee help me and dont just say to search.I have already searched for 2 hours now.
    PLz help…

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  • Is there anyone who can help me???
    just say me where shall i fix this error and how???
    Kindly reply quickly…

    Bumping after 15 minutes if extremely rude.
    If you look in your category.php file you’ll see something like
    <div id="content" class="twocolumns">
    change it to this
    <div id="topcontent" class="twocolumns">

    There is nothing such in category.php in wp-includes folder.

    And did you check my page for the errors???

    Of course there isn’t in the wp-includes folder. It’s in your theme’s folder under the wp-content/themes folder. And yes I checked your site and saw the errors and gave the solution to fix them.


    I think,this div code lies in any style.css and or stylesheet file. but im not able to figure it out..
    Plz say…

    The code is in your

    But there is no category.php in my themes folder also. What to do??
    I checked both of my default ans classic folder. What to do???????????

    I also checked my other 5 themes. None of them have a category.php file in it.
    But all other sites are working fine..

    Only problem is with this??

    Where will i get this query to edit it???

    I dint find the
    <div id=”content” class=”twocolumns”>
    <div id=”topcontent” class=”twocolumns”> anywhere. i just got <div id=”content” class=”threecolumns”>
    <div id=”topcontent” class=”twocolumns”> in Main index file. Please help me..

    Now that you’ve found the right folder list all the files in that folder here. I’ll tell you which one to look in.

    the files there are 404, archives, comments, error_log, footer, functions, header, index, page, screenshot, search, sidebar, single, style.css

    Look in your archives file it should be there.

    Cool.. DOne.. Thanks a lot…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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