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  • Please help me immediately, yesterday my company just shifted my website to a new server and when i opened the site all the content of the web was gone only adds and just menu was there.

    When I contacted them they simply refused to take any responsibility. and didn’t help me.

    Now it’s more than 24 hours my site is just with out data.I am extremely worried. data is in word press admin panel but not showing up here. and other very strange thing is I had word press 3.5 installed right from the start but now when I checked it was showing 3.0 and after upgradation it is 3.1. what can be the possible reason of all this? please help me? how can i bring content back at the website.

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  • Was it ads and menu for your site? Or like a holding page or something?

    I would really try to demand the hosting company helps you a bit more

    As for WP, there is no WP 3.5

    You were probably on 3.0.5

    WP 3.1 is brand new, it was just released. It is the most current version

    A link to your site may help us to investigate

    Thanks for prompt reply thank GOD you have clarified one thing that 3.1 is the latest version due to extreme tension I misunderstood that 3.1 is old and 3.05 was latest. Thanks for clarifying.

    My web was a full fledged with lots of new increasing visitors daily. But the guy who changed my server he himself has a web on that server and he was already feeling my web a threat for himself so he did this intentionally. but luckily the data is still in the dash board please please help me there must be any method to restore the content.

    link of website

    Well if the content is in there, that is good. Do you keep backups of everything? I would suggest it if your host is flaky

    Anyway, the first troubleshooting steps with WP are nearly always the same

    Deactivate your plugins to see if they are conflicting

    Then temporarily switch to the twentyten theme to see if that helps anything

    Also resetting permalinks can help sometimes, saving to default then back to custom

    Hi Mr Voodoo I thought it necessary to inform you about the site status as you had taken time for me and tried to solve my problem. I had tried it but nothing worked because the problem was bigger. One of my well wisher directly contacted another hosting company and a web developer they all have worked together and sorted out the problem. I am thankful to all of them and I am also thankful to you as well.

    OK, I’m glad you got it all sorted out.

    Thanks dear really such an horrible experience. I am not satisfied with the performance of word press org. I also have experience with free word press blog. The support there is fantastic they actively answer each and every problem. But I am very thankful to you that you keep on replying me, and when you first responded it really gave me such courage to sort this problem.So you see on one hand there were evil people and one the other hand well wishers like you and Wasim.

    Hello Sir,

    I recently changed my hosting company and during this change all the content and setting on my playmaker theme have been disappeared. My website is When I apply any other theme the content is visible but when it comes to playmaker, nothing is visible. Please help me out in this that what is going on there. I have purchased this theme and want to use it. Fast help will be highly highly appreciated.

    Waiting for a quick response.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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