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    1. when the link is https://thewebiste.com the Anchor link wont be available because translatepress plugin things its a text so no translate available for the link.

    but if you do https://www.thewebsite.com then the Anchor link is available and you can translate the link

    this is important because for example in the native languatge you may want the use to stay to the page1
    but in the translated language the user to visit the page2…

    so without the https://www this is not possible….

    2. if you have a link https://www.thewebsite.com/test page

    the plugin will recognize the link and anchor html field will be available

    but if you have a link llke
    then it is recognized as a title field and not link,because of the %20……
    so no anchor link field available…..

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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