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    I have noticed the following:

    () and () both these inverted commas are different. When I import the posts having () this inverted comma have problem, it doesn’t read the text after this punctuation. However when I change it to () it works perfect.

    Since I have huge list of data to import, I want to what other Characters are there which prevents to read the entire content successfully.

    I know it can be fixed easily by Find and Replace function in Excel. But in case if there are other such characters that are preventing to read the data, I cannot verify each and every post if it is successfully been read/imported, to detect those other characters. It could be = or @ or ^ or *

    Please let me know, this is very important!

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    Please check the file… it includes the sample data that I am trying to import… similarly I have a huge list of data to import in different languages.

    I had tried to save it with UTF-8, I tried to open the CSV in notepad and then save it to UTF-8 csv format but the non English characters shows like this: ???????????????? ?????????? ??????? ???????

    Please let me know how can I fix this?

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    This is already answered in this forum and added to the faq no.5 as well.

    It should strictly UTF-8 format. Users have reported that utf-8 without BOM works well for languages like Polish characters etc.
    Follow these simple steps to import other languages. Thanks for the steps
    1) Prepare a CSV file with the data (I used Excel)
    2) Saving files to CSV (Excel function)
    3) I opened the CSV file in Notepad + +
    4) CTR + A, CTR + C (copy all the text)
    5) The “Encoding”> “Encode without BOM”
    6) CTR + V to paste all text
    7) Save the file
    8) Imports for WordPress

    Hope this helps.

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