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  • When opening URE capability page and select role “moderator” there is only 1 capability shown (Read) although the user with this role can add, change, moderate, delete etc posts. I started to look into this as I am about to start using an XMLRPC client and this client works for admin account but nog for a moderator account.

    1. is it correct to see only one capability
    2. what do I need to change to allow for XMLRPC access for a specific role or user

    Many thanks, Bas

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Check if user has another role granted in addition to moderator?
    Check if other capabilities granted to user directly, not via role. Find this user at the users list and click ‘Capabilities’ link to look at this information.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    By default WordPress checks just related permission needed to fulfill xmlrpc request: if request for editing post then ‘edit_posts’, if get blog options, then ‘manage_options’. Look into includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php file for current_user_can function calls for more details.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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