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  • Hey Claudio… Good new year

    When are you planing to update this plugin?

    As you can see in the reviews and here in support threads there are many people asking help

    So if you could make use a little update gift for this new year, it could be very nice.

    Thanks in advance

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  • This plugin is out of support for 7 months now. No idea why they are not keeping it up to date.

    Hope to see update really soon.

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    Yes I know, But Claudio is one of the WooCommerce very active core developers, So I thinks that they have a lot to do. But Maybe asking gently, this will have some effect…


    I second this. I noticed the plugin stopped recording data several months ago… 🙁

    @marcelo Pedra. Hi Marcelo, welcome.

    I encourage you to open a thread telling that with some details… More we are, best are chances to get something! This is called the mass effect…

    Hi @lomars: I know Claudio and don’t want to be annoying cause such a mass efect may work the opposite 🙂

    Besides, there is a lot of negative reviews of this plugin and several unreplied threads about bugs. But all in all, I’m after the main issue of this thread: finding out if the plugin will receive some updates in the near future 🙂

    Best regards

    @kent-brockman Yes Marcelo you are right in some way.

    Supposing Claudio (wooThemes and now Automatic) wants to stop this free plugin because of the commercial version one, it could be much more fair to tell it directly here, because people get just disgusted and very angry against this attitude.

    There is also some recent reviews and threads relating that the commercial version is buggy too and that (commercial) support is also like a ghost.

    So this kind of things just deserve the strong community around WooCommerce. I am a very active WooCommerce developer around StackOverFlow and in real life too and sorry if I am a little annoying here, but this is not the correct behavior, even if someone is very busy or important.

    That said, I understand too the historical WooTheme position and philosophy. I just hope that with Automatic at the top now, things are going to change a little bit.

    All the Best

    Yep. I think they (WooThemes former developers) are still diving and exploring the synergy of the fusion, so some things may become hairy, or maybe not… Perhaps there is not enough staff to catch up things with the lots of plugins they’ve created.

    If I were a senior programmer with a couple hours to donate would fork it on github and fix/push/improve whatever I could 🙂


    WooThemes Just updated the Pro commercial version to 1.1.6 … But still no update in here.

    It seems that the plugin will not get updated anymore in free version.

    Just opened a Pull Request on GitHub for this issue, hopefully plugin developer will update it in the near future:

    Workaround is to set a value to $ga_id in includes/class-wc-google-analytics-js.php, line 234:

    $ga_id = self::get( 'ga_id' );

    Before line 234:
    $ga_snippet_create = self::tracker_var() . "( 'create', '" . esc_js( $ga_id ) . "', '" . $set_domain_name . "' );";

    As described here:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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