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    I hope this is the correct place to request support, as I know Woo had their own hang out somewhere in this forum, but I can never find it, and the issue relates to a newly released theme of theirs so perhaps this didn’t seem inappropriate after all?

    In the first case I love the theme, but….. I’ve encountered a strange problem concerning the relationship between what I think is called the header (the blue area above the slider) and the height of the image ion the slider itself. Every time content is added to the header (a custom logo, or a second line in the menu, or even the little red rocket animation) it eats into the the height of the slider. Eventually I was left with just the top 10% of the image displaying.

    Now I’ve removed the logo, and managed to strip the menu down to a single line for now. I’ve removed the rocket too, and we’ve now got about 80% of the slider visible, but it’s still not a great solution. I’m told that any custom CSS falls outside of the Woo support mandate (which does surprise me a bit as it doesn’t look too difficult). So far as I can see the height is set at 226px and just needs recoding but this is beyond my guessing ability (perhaps it is more difficult to achieve than I realise). I honestly wouldn’t know?

    What I’ve sought to do instead is build a custom menu to replace the default menu, but can’t work out how to turn the default menu off. Every time I add to it though, it makes further inroads into how much of the image in the slider will display (it performs a horizontal crop) and will eventually devour the slider to the point where it becomes a narrow strip.

    Setting the custom menu to the theme primary menu only restores the previous settings and chops the slider in half again (horizontally). I’ve trashed one of the pages that was causing a second line to appear on the default menu, but this now generates a 404 in the custom menu, so clearly isn’t a solution, as I’m not to big on the idea of creating one giant

    So I guess the question is, can anyone find a solution to this please? I’m reasonably confident that if I’m able to turn the default menu off it will display the slider at 100%, but I need to do this in such a way as to retain the new custom menu on the top bar otherwise all navigation is lost

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    Doesn’t WooThemes provide support?

    Yes, and although I’ll certainly accept that they’ve tried to resolve this, they haven’t as yet succeeded. The last email I had from them could be interpreted that it was a wordpress fault (well that would be my interpretation, almost certainly not theirs) but what they said should happen (the custom menu replaces the default menu automatically) isn’t happening

    “When you create a custom menu you simply assign that to the theme Primary Menu area and it will replace the default menu and there will be no need to remove this as it’s done automatically by the WordPress core software itself.”

    Quite the opposite happens. It restores the old menu and slices the slider in half again. They also told me it was my fault

    “I’m afraid it’s due to the content you have added to the header area and is not a flaw with the theme itself.”

    Well there’s no added content in the header area now, it’s all been stripped out. The only thing that’s there is one line of default menu which I can’t get to stop displaying. Once i clear the header of everything it would appear the slider will work. I’d be inclined to interpret this as you can’t run a top menu with the theme, which surely can’t be right?

    They did suggest that I overlaid text in the image too as this would increase the size of it, but frankly this wouldn’t work as all it would do is stretch the 25% of the image that was displaying. It wouldn’t restore the 75% that’s gone missing. They also said that the image was too small, despite it being about 40% bigger than the CSS height of 226px in the code

    I’m at a bit of a loss you see and just wondered if anyone else had come across the same problem.

    There is a bit of me that wonders if there isn’t a wordpress solution here though? If I can clear the header of everything, and keep the top menu bar showing and functioning (a wordpress function?) then this would solve it I reckon?

    They resolved it in the last 5 mins, so credit where credit is due, and I should record my appreciation as i was starting to show the first signs of irritation

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