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  • I may continue to “TRY” to use this plugin, but as with many of the new plugins that are being released, we are seeing a huge GRAB for the wallet. Give the customer a basic plugin for FREE and then analyze what most customer are REALLY going to want to do with the plugin and put that in a “Premium” package. This one is insane in my opinion. A plugin that wants you to pay $59 for the Secret Stuff? Themes sell for this same value with how many more hours of work involved. I guess that is the new way. So Plugin is great for basics, but in my case I am looking to restrict pages to different levels of users. I will figure out the coding on my own, but this deceit in how a plugin is presented, is starting to get old, at least for me.
    Good Luck and it is a nice plugin. My opinion; You are gouging people for the access to a “little” deeper use.

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  • Hi cendaldave, I recommend giving this plugin a shot. I’ve been using it for a while and it is awesome. Have a look at how responsive Chad has been to support inquiries. He is responding all the time and has done so for a considerable length of time where many developers get bored and move on. Pretty commendable for a free plugin!

    Most freelancers contributing great free plugins and themes to WordPress will need some kind of return for their considerable effort. It is a balancing act that is not always perfect and not everyone has a revenue stream to support a fully free effort.

    Give this one some time. I think you will be impressed.

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