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  • Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    Similar issue pointed on other plugin: upPrev Previous Post Animated Notification not upPrev – please check witch one plugin You are using on page.

    I didn’t realize the other post was for a different plugin. I’m using upPrev, 3.3.11. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    Ok, upPrev don’t work with YARPP 4.x. I try fix it soon.

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    Strange. On my site upPrev work fine with YARPP 4.0.2, but on test page don’t work at all.

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    OK! Try version 3.31.2

    I hope that I was able to fix it.

    Didn’t work for me. I’m still getting the same 5 posts. I’m using YARPP 4.0. If it would help, I can email you my URL?

    Just upgraded to 4.0.2–no difference. I noticed you have the “Number of posts to show” working with YARPP now. Set to “1”, I’m seeing the same post on every page. Any other ideas?

    “Just Previous”, “Previous in category” and “Previous in tag” all have the same behavior–the same suggested post on every post. “Random post” works fine. It is therefore probably NOT a YARPP issue.

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    I can email you my URL?

    Yes. You can find my email in upprev.php file.

    I’m seeing the same post on every page. Any other ideas?

    Mayby some filters. I don’t know.

    i have same problem ;( helps only “Random entry” maybe problem in update to WP 3.5

    I don’t think so galak, I’m using 3.4.2.

    you right on other blog with 3.5 working fine, i think problem in my theme

    Hello. I was having the same problem as adamdport. upPrev works fine with “random entry,” but shows the same 1 post on every post when using YARPP. I’m using WordPress 3.5 with Thesis 1.8.5. YARPP 4.0.3 and upPrev 3.3.12. The site is

    I just downloaded the development version of upPrev and the problems with YARPP are resolved.

    I ran into a few issues with the development version though that I thought I would mention.

    • The box only appears in Chrome. It doesn’t seem to be working in IE.
    • The custom css changes I enter don’t seem to be working.
    • When there is an excerpt for the suggested post, it shows the ENTIRE excerpt instead of respecting the word limit. The word limit only seems to apply when there is no defined excerpt.
    • The side and bottom margin aren’t changing when I change the setting. The box is floating on the page instead of appearing snuggly in the corner and I can’t fix it.

    I’m going to keep the development version installed for now. Can’t wait to try the next update when it’s finished. This looks like it is on it’s way to being a great plugin!

    By the way, the more I look at it, I don’t mind the full excerpt being shown. My excerpts are a little too long on some posts, so I just need to make them shorter and it’s all good. It still might be good to provide an option though. Something like:

    – If excerpt exists, limit number of words to ___ (use 0 for no limit).

    – If no excerpt exists, limit number of words to ___.

    PS I know I’m off-topic for this thread now, but I wanted to make one more note about the development version. I had to deactivate it after all. When I checked the site on my tablet, my site was broken (nothing but a PHP error). I tried checking the “hide from tablet” option in the prefs, but it still broke the site.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method IworksUpprev::get_option() in /home/snickthedog/ on line 135

    Hope that helps. Looking forward to the next release!

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