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  • The volume control must be moved slightly to get the default setting to take effect. I see no way in the documentation to use code to fix this (like force-setting the volume). I use the embedded shortcut method of starting the player (eg: [video src="... ]

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  • I’m seeing the same thing. But also in IE8, Safari (Mac), and Chrome (Mac).

    The video plays fine, but there is no audio. The volume slider shows the default 0.8. As soon as you touch the volume slider, the audio comes up to the correct volume.

    Clicking the mute/unmute button has no effect.

    I’m using WP 3.2.1, and MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video 2.7.1.

    I was having the same problem loading version 2.1.7 of MediaElement as well. If you have access to ftp for your server, you can downgrade to 2.1.6 to fix the problem. Go here and click the “Downloads” button on the top right. Choose package 2.1.6 and save the file to your computer.

    Upload the files you just downloaded to your wordpress install. I put them directly in:


    Hope this works for you as well!

    Having the exact same issue;

    WordPress 3.2.1
    Firefox 3.6.18
    MediaElement 2.1.7

    To hear the audio it is neccesary to drag the slider.

    I ended up removing MediaElement and using SmartS3 and JW Player. Maybe once MediaElement is fixed, I’ll go back to it. I really liked the way it worked.

    I believe there is an easy fix. Download the latest MediaElementjs version (currently 2.1.9) from the MediaElementjs website. Copy the directory called build into mediaelement directory of the WordPress plugin. That should do the trick. Worked for me.

    thanks Bitstorm. Actually just replacing the .swf file was enough. Eventually they’ll get around to updating the plugin.

    I’m having the same problem – but I’m a complete newbie to this! how do I add the new updated version to wordpress? or what’s .swf file? Like I said I’m learning as I go but don’t want to add another media player as this one fits perfectly with the look of the site I’m creating.

    Any help will be greatly recieved!

    the .swf file is inside the MediaElement plugin folder, which is inside the plugins folder. Download the latest standalone version and just replace the .swf file and the problem should be solved. Worked for me.

    other than this one glitch it is a good player.



    solved! thanks for that I was trying to edit it on wordpress rather than going into the file management and replacing the file!

    Wish wordpress would update the plug in!
    Thanks again

    Thanks, this worked! I downloaded version 2.2.5 from, then copied flashmediaelement.swf from the build folder into /wp-content/plugins/media-element-html5-video-and-audio-player/mediaelement/.

    Now the volume initializes correctly in Firefox!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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