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  • Hi GoLeMboondock, thank for using UPM Polls plugin, we reviewed your site and found some conflicts with other installed plugins on your WP boaurd, however we hope this file this update will fix your issue, download attached zip file, unzip and update your /wp-content/plugins/upm-polls/functions.php with downloaded one.
    This update will be added in next versions, so you can update it without any problems.

    is not casting the vote for me too…I can vote but then is show 0 votes, is not saving it….I used this functions.php and right now I get the java spinning wheel but is not showing the result and the vote is not registered….

    Poll does not show on the page anymore..could not get it to work I guess..

    GoLeMboondock and demlasjr, we are always willing to support UPM Polls users, register to our forum please, our developers will try to fix all problems, they are not extrasensory individuals so we ask you provide more details on bug reporting, such as:
    1)link to page where we will be able to see poll issue
    2)versions of UPM Polls and WP
    3)screenshot of your current “UPM Polls”->”General” and “UPM Polls”->”Poll Manager” admin pages.
    4)how are you using UPM Polls: either widget or <?php upm_polls()?> template tag, if you are using template tag you should provide name of that theme file and small part of code with <?php upm_polls() ?> tag.

    Same problem here. It always show 0 votes. Tried to disable/enable jQuery but same result.

    Is it possible to just make plugin to work without any other hacks?

    Read this support topic please

    I found small issue while using this widget on localhost.
    i tried to vote but always it returns 0 Votes.

    while checking code thats because of

    $ref = parse_url( $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] );
    if( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] != $ref['host'] ){
    	exit('UPM Error:128');

    All functions exist with this error so now i commented exit and it works fine.

    great plugin….

    need some suggestion for poll ans

    when i enter can’t say then cant/s say visible… how to rectify this… other how to show poll end date…. in poll, and m not want to show poll in home page post…. when click particular page then poll will show…

    in advance!

    your support forum give some captcha cookie problem… so m here plz help

    Hard to understand what exactly you need, could you please provide some link to your site, or let me know please how do you use the plugin (either template tag or sidebar widget).

    when i write can’t say in poll answer the result are coming can//tsay….

    second think… i want to show poll end time in related post on page… no one code are there to show end date of poll…

    rest is OK.. your plugin is important for us…

    i am doing work in localhost… but one reference

    thanks again for reply..

    when i write can’t say in poll answer the result are coming can//tsay

    I’m sorry but I don’t follow you

    i want to show poll end time in related post on page… no one code are there to show end date of poll…

    If you know PHP programming you can easy find expire date from database and show on page.
    Use table: “wp_pppm_polls” field: “end”
    you can directly find all polls of page using field “post” in that table.

    ok thanks for poll end…

    i need one more help… actually i have make a project where one post have a specific poll and every user can poll then comment on topic one post have a single comment for per post…. so i want to show poll result where user have to submit comment…..

    but comment code is not in a page code this will found in function.php …. how to show poll result with comment ???

    ok, try to add this template tag in the comments code, $PollID is the id of current page’s poll

    <?php upm_polls_result($PollID, 'adminS', false, true); ?>

    thanks boss but after put this code in comment code the all poll answers are showing but i want to show single ans who user choose on particular post after polling.


    1 post is testing the post
    2 related poll is testing poll with three answer yes no can’t say

    and on this post a user have to comment on this post and choose poll ans No…..

    then i want
    i would like to show comment with poll answer NO

    Thanks a lot…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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