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  • There is indeed threads of similar issues, many also jumping in and admins recommending starting a new thread.

    On a userlever basis, I’m very familiar with WordPress. Using the software for a variety of projects and websites. So I make this request of assistance, to hopefully learn and thus help others later down the line.

    Summary of issue:
    Brand new installation of WordPress 3.7 and now 3.7.1 on hosting site of 123reg using Linux.

    Uploads such as images are not appearing within the pages and posts.

    Images are within uploads folder and are navigatable and viewable within (whether direct URL and/or by Filezilla FTP)

    Troubleshooting steps taken so far – Using setting of theme at 2011, 2012 or 2013. Issue remains. Seems only within this installation.
    *As it is effectively “blank” with no content. I removed mysql database and uninstalled wordpress via hosting.
    *Installed a brand new wordpress of 3.7.1 – same issue is occurring.
    Images are uploading entering uploads folder, link to image is/are correct within the post/page however image does not appear – broken.

    I host 2 other wordpress installations on the same hosting space, Neither of these have this issue of broken uploading. One of these is also is a new installation of this past week of 3.7.1.

    Note: As a test, of the uploads issue – I attempted to “import” a copy of a working WP installation (which is not encountering this issue) to see what would occur as part of the troubleshooting.

    “Sorry, there has been an error. File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.”

    This informs me, that there is a uploading issue. Rather than it just being a picture/image. What could be causing this? Could you assist in a resolution?

    Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    I’m experiencing the exact same problem. (
    Using WP 3.7.1, on Debian Linux 6.0.8.
    I tried with and without extension, I also changed the theme from Flare to Twentyeleven … but still the same : image link appear broken.
    It happened when I updated to 3.7.1

    I did upload the same image to other WP blog I administrate and the image was perfect.

    I need assistance too

    Merci – thank you

    @floripa – could you start your own thread – it really works better that way as it’s unlikely your situation is identical to the OP in this thread –

    also see:

    @kristianlander – have you checked with your hosting company about this?

    IMHO I disagree about starting a new thread – these seem to be related issues and I am glad to know there are many related problems.
    I also have media upload failing in 3.7.1
    I think this is a bug.

    I managed to upload through media upload but not through the text editor Media button which does nothing.

    Running on Hostgator shared hosting.

    Since I was offered to make a copy/paste of my question I thought it would be more productive to look for the solution …
    Check at your media folder right (755 for upload section and folders inside)
    So, mine were perfect until I checked at the one that has been created by WP 3.7.1 after the update: it was 700.
    This folder was made automaticly by WP, not by me!!!

    If this discover can help someone.

    @wpyogi: merci beaucoup pour vos précieux conseils en organisation !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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