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  • cdukes


    I’ve configured WordPress to allow subscribers to upload via the Media area on the backend by giving them the ‘upload_files’ capability. However, when I try to start an upload as a subscriber, the upload freezes at the ‘crunching’ step. When I check the Library, the file has been added to the site, but the ‘crunching’ step never proceeds to the image details screen…

    Any thoughts on what’s wrong? It doesn’t seem like a file permissions or a PHP memory issue to me. This is kind of important for the network I’m working on.

    Note that everything work perfectly as an administrator.


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  • You probably figured this out by now, but for others, WordPress checks the edit_posts capability to determine if a user has permissions to “crunch” a media file. It also checks the delete_posts capability to delete media files. This is a hassle since sometimes you would want a user to upload files, but not post anything. It’s only a “hassle” though because the Admin Menu Editor plugin can be used to hide the Posts menu.

    In my opinion this is a bug since I would think the upload_files capability would allow a user to completely upload files.

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