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  • With the future release of WordPress being able to handle different media (i.e. audio, photos, video, etc), it would be nice to have some organization in the way of uploading such files to the server. So instead of uploading a mass of files to one directory, you could create a directory structure that would hold relevent files separated by format… Or even maybe separated by catagory:post
    I’m thinking about a photolog, but it can be a pain to upload each file/photo one by one if you are an active photographer. So, with some type of underlying structure set, there could be the possiblity of FTP’ing a bunch of files/photos to a directory and then having WordPress create a new entry for each new image. So it would be more of a batch process. (Just throwing out an idea on that one)
    An example structure could be:

    library // lock uploads only to this directory to prevent WordPress core tampering
    --+ files // +/- user permissions
    --+ documents
    --+ photos
    |--+ catagory01 (or date for achival/reference purposes...)
    |--+ catagory02
    --+ media
    |--+ maybeASoundFile.ext
    --+ uploads (default batch area...)
    --+ userfiles
    |--+ userID01 // setup for users with lower permissions, yet able to publish content
    |--+ imageForArticle.ext
    |--+ anotherImage.ext
    |--+ userID02

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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