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    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve created two media categories, one under another, so Test Category -> Test-sub Category.

    No matter what I do, when I upload an image, pdf, or anything else, it does not show up in real-time in the media manager. When I turn this plug-in off, it does.

    Any ideas why? I think if that part was fixed it would solve the other issues I might be having then this would the perfect tool that I’ve been looking for.

    I’ve disabled all other plug-ins except for this and the problem persists.

    Basically what I’m looking for is to be able to upload and kind of attachment and have it immediately show in the list after it’s been uploaded. Maybe if not directly possible, have the main grid refresh when categories are assigned/un-assigned instead of manually having to switch the filter several times for the newly added item to appear(seems buggy too). Maybe an overlay that when a new item is added we set the categories then offer a save button, and the gallery is updated then.

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    Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply all this time. If you are still interested in solving this problem please

    1. Try to upgrade WP and plugin
    2. If persists, please send me access to you project, I will try to figure out what causes the problem (wordpressuxsolutions [at] gmail [dot] com)


    Same probleme here on 2 differents sites with latest WP and plugins versions.

    Some tests:
    – If you upload an image without touching the filters : it works
    – If you change the filter, then you upload an image, and you reset the filters : no refresh, so I can’t see the new uploaded image.
    But, if I scroll down to load more image and I scroll up to the top of the list, I see my new image.

    I think it’s just a refresh problem.

    Same (or similar) problem I think, since I updated to latest version of wordpress. The media library itself looks fine, and I can upload images to it. But If I go to a page and try to add an image with the add media button, either nothing happens or I get an empty popup window. I have checked carefully and this only happens when this plugin is activated. In console log I get the following error message:


    “too much recursion”

    I hope this helps you solve the problem. For now I will have to stop using this plugin as it makes my cms unusable 🙁


    I am having the same problem.

    Using WP 3.9.1
    EML 1.05

    Uploading image is OK but when I try to add an image to a page I can not see the uploaded image.

    And after I deactivated EML , I can still not see any image that I uploaded with EML in my media library.

    Are you planning to help u on this problem?

    I’m also having this problem.
    It seems to be the filters not working correctly.
    You can set a filter to show some media then remove it and either the filter remains (even though it’s been removed) or nothing shows at all.

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    Hello all,

    @rainbowgeek, @voltronik thanks for your descriptions of the problem, it was helpful. It’s a bug, I will fix it in the next version.

    @julianwave mla-media-modal-scripts.min.js is not a script of this plugin.



    Do you know when the next version might be available?

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    @voltronik, I hope this weekend. I mean bug fixing. This bug in the ToDo list.

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    I have to know more about your problem. I can’t reproduce or don’t understand it. How are you uploading images? Do you use filters? Etc…



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    Hello all,

    Sorry for delay with this fix. It turned out that it is not too easy 🙂

    Now it imitates WordPress native behavior. For example if your filter is set to “Video” but you are uploading an image you will not see new image in the main section, but only at the bottom. To see new image you should have to change filter to “Images” or “All media items”. Similarly, if you are uploading new image and your categories filter is set to, lets suppose, Category 1, that image won’t be in the main section either, because it doesn’t belong to Category 1 yet. To see this image you should have to switch filter to “All Media Categories” for example (and then set any Category you wish to).

    I am considering auto-switching filters once new file is uploaded. It’s well possible that I will include this functionality to one of the next releases. I would love to hear from you what you think about this.


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