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  • kollect


    Short overview of the situation: On server A there’s an site. Server B is used for files. I want that uploads made on server A (running one wordpress site) are uploaded on server B.

    I’ve changed the path to another server. upload_path = uploads upload_url_path = https://sub.domain/uploads

    For some reason the URL is right, but the files aren’t transferred. I checked the permissions of the folder and they are 777.

    Edit: After some checking I found in the root of my site (VPS A) the directory ‘uploads’ instead of on VPS B in the directory ‘uploads’ where it needs to be.

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  • kjodle


    Are you saying that you want whatever media you upload to site A via WordPress to also show up on site B?

    777 is a terribly insecure permissions setting, btw. You should change that right away.



    Not show up, but stored at Server B. Server B has no site installed and is only a for saving media from the site installed on Server A.



    This is actually the opposite of a CDN. You would either need a plugin to push files from your wp-uploads folder (I’m not aware of one) or you would need some sort of software on Server B to fetch that content when it gets updated.

    I suppose you could write a bash script on Server B to check the contents of your wp-uploads folder, and fetch any new files. You could then add it as a cronjob to run periodically.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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