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    I’ve read through sticky and other posts about the uploads folder, but couldn’t find a satisfying answer.
    My uploads folder (standard) seems to work only with 777 permissions, not with 755. Now this is dangerous because of possible hackers access, right? I could FTP the files of course, but 1st they don’t show up then in the media library and 2nd it is not doable because time consuming and collaborators only use WP.
    I found the 777 chmod solution many times, but hey I don’t consider that a real solution.
    Any real alternatives? Like how to make it work with 755?

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  • That’s down to your host, if it only works with 777, then there’s something in their configuration causing a problem, speak with them and explain the issue, perhaps they can offer a solution..

    If not, i’d personally consider a more helpful and knowledgable host.

    Thanks! (kitty helps birdie)
    Host is ok. They changed php rules for this account so that group can write as 775.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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