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  • Most of my WordPress sites use themes that extract attached images automatically since I want to make it easy for my clients to manage.

    Usually it was really simple to create posts. Click on “new post”, then write text, then upload image, then press publish. Upon uploading, the images were automatically associated with the post or Page.

    I don’t know what version changed this, but now, when I upload an image “into” a post or Page without that post/Page being published, the image is just uploaded to the media library and the connection to the post/Page is lost.
    This means I need to first publish an incomplete item so that I can upload an image and make it available for the theme’s auto-attachment-display things.

    Was this changed intentionally? Or is this a bug that needs reporting?

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  • No, no and no. I once noticed that the upload manager remembers the last choice for the “link”
    For example: when I upload a thumbnail there is no need to link to a bigger image (there is no one) but if I then link to i.e. an external url, that choice is the preset in my next new post so manually have to change to “File url”.

    Furthermore I always have to hit “Insert into post” before I do “Save all changes”. I am on 2.8.6 (is the same as 2.8.5 for this)

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