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    What do i need from my friend who wants me to install wordpress on a website so that i can upload files now that i have the uploading software?

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  • @sociolmediaworkersmb: When you say you have the uploading software, do you mean you have WordPress, or that you have an ftp application, or something else? Your question isn’t quite specific enough for us to tell you what to do next (which is why WPyogi gave you the link to the New to WordPress page).



    HI Jen Mylo , thankyou for your response , I have been given a website to work on with wordpress , and yes i did the filezilla download already , I just didnt know how to drop the wordpress files into the directory, i resolved that by learning how to drag and drop them into it. The person that is giving me these tasks is trying to teach me to solve my issues by using the forum.Its taking me a while this learning curve, but im going to stick it out and make this happen. Ok so at this stage i was told that i have to go to the cpanel and make a database by WPyogi, is this correct Jen? I relayed this information back to the person getting me to do all of this and he said creat a new user with new password then assign it to database, then run install, assign all permissions . So this is kinda where I am now Jen , would you like to be my guide through these stages . Afterwards my task is to change the theme of the site and add plugins . Thanks 🙂 Mike.

    Hi Mike – have you taken a look at this link?

    It says it’s a 5-minute install, but if you’re a first-timer, it may take you a little longer.

    Also – check in with your web host – they may have “Fantastico” or some other WordPress installation script to help you run WordPress on your server.

    After WordPress is installed, you can upload themes, files, and other items via the web browser, as long as you’re logged into the WordPress dashboard. But one thing at a time – let us know what you find with your host.

    Am having the same challenge as Mike above…Please Jen, jak nd Yogi….I need your help…

    Hi guys, WordPress is great in that as long as you tweak the database settings and plop the WordPress files in the right place, your new website should be up and start asking you setup questions.

    Looks like you need some help with basic FTP usage. Filezilla, a client for ‘File Transfer Protocol’, is a great free way to learn how to move your WordPress files to the server.

    You need to find get proper server settings from your web host, then add a new server in Filezilla. If everything is correct, then when you connect you should see a bunch of files and folders in the server window. Look for a folder called “www” or “public_html” and drop your WordPress files only (without the enclosing WordPress folder) in there.

    Continue to follow the instructions for the 5-minute install in the link above.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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