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  • I’m wondering if what I’d like to do is possible:
    Can I set up the blog so that I and my 4 colleagues/friends can post MS Word (and maybe PDF) files to the blog– not as posts, but as attachments to posts, so that the others can download the file and edit it? (Is there a way to do this without havign to have some kind of complicated outside source hosting the files– simple is important here). I had a sudden inspiration to use a group blog for this– rather than the mess of emails that we normally use– but don’t know if a blog (using wordpress) is really feasible or not for what I’m envisioning.

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  • Consider using the Upload facility in Write->Posts.

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    I tried that, but it says that it doesn’t support that file type (the file type in question being .doc) and looks like it’s only for uploading images?

    What version of WordPress? On a 2.0.2 blog I just uploaded a .doc file.

    If you log into the admin, then go to the “options” section, then “upload”, where it says “allowed file extensions” can you not just add in “doc”..?

    I need to confess my ignorance, here. I assume I have the latest version of WordPress, since I just started using it today, although I can’t seem to find out what version it is, since it’s just in the webbrowser (Firefox 1.5).

    What you suggest croila sounds like what I’d need to do, but when I go into the options section there isn’t any upload section or option– under general options there are things like title, language, membership, date & time, etc.– under options>writing there is only size of post box, formatting, and default post category. Is there a different place I should be looking?

    Log on to admin. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Your version will be listed there.

    Croila’s tip is for the older pre 2.x version of WP. MichaelH is presumably using a current version.

    Oh, I’m beginning to see the source of my problem here– I’ve been conflating word presses (.org vs. .com). My blog, which I just set up, is through– maybe that’s why I can’t do it?

    Ah yeah, things are a bit different there. Try asking in their forums over at 🙂

    Thanks for the help everyone. Unfortunately, they won’t support uploading the docs. Boo! 🙁

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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