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  • I can’t get through the upload process without running into ALOT of failed transfers. My quota for my ftp is unlimited and we have plenty of space. Is there something in my ftp program that is not configured properly? I use FileZilla.

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  • I could offer some suggestions, but I haven’t used enough “bad” FTP servers to have much experience. But I am a big fan of FileZilla’s ability to “never” (in my own experience of 5 years with it) say a file transfer is successful when the file has been corrupted during the transfer.

    Best that you ask the experts here:

    I figured it out, I had a DUH moment!!!

    Heya KB_Star,

    You’d be amazed at how many of us have those DUH moments. (Or as I call mine, “Ugh 🙁 ” moments!)

    Any chance you could take a quick moment and post what happened to this thread so it might help someone else with similar challenges in the future?


    Cheers! :)

    Sure James, no problem. I had another huge program we were trying out that was still sitting there. We never used it but we forgot to take it off.

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