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  • Hey everybody,
    I designed a wordpress website for a friend and now its ready to go live. His IT company gave me a log in for their FTP.

    This is the first time using FileZilla and I’m not sure where to place the files.
    – Take them from local
    -Drag and drop into the host
    is that all that needs to be done? Theres 25000 files, I just want to be sure that I’m doing this right before uploading that many files.

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  • A standard WordPress site has about 3000-4000 files. Themes, plugins, frameworks and uploaded images can add to that, but 25000 files sounds a bit much.

    Do you know where all the other files come from?

    all the files inside a wordpress install folder.
    I downloaded WordPress and was just trying to upload the files in that folder. it said: Queued files (25000)

    Should I only be taking a specific folder inside the WordPress install folder?



    very awesome

    25,000 files is high, but not unheard of. I’ve got one site that’s getting close to 100,000 files thanks to all of the uploads that they keep on doing.

    You should download all of the files that you have in your existing WordPress directory. When you have those upload them to the new server. One thing to remember is that some servers have a folder inside the main FTP root that is where the files need to go. If you can see a folder called something like /public_html/ or /www/ then that is where the files would need to go.

    After you’ve done that you also need to transfer the database to the new host as well – and update your wp-config.php file with the new database connection details.

    i thought 25000 seemed high. its not a big site either so thats why im wondering.

    I took a screen shot. It shows all the files for a new WordPress install. On the right, the site I am replacing is in the folder “content” should I just put every single file from the left hand to the right hand side of filezilla? When I did that before there was 25000 files.
    the folder “cc” was me… i tried deleting it but it wont go away.


    here we go, this image is better

    Yes, from the looks of it, you can/should upload all the files/folders in your (local) wordpress folder to the (server’s) cc folder.

    Excellent, thank you. The cc folder when when I first tried moving everything over. The website was actually in the content folder. Should I upload all the files into the content folder?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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