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  • Can someone explain to me how to upload a wordpress theme. I am using FileZilla to ftp. I am new at this. I need step by step. I also need to know server name ect. Please help

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  • There are a few ways to install themes.

    1. Easy Way
    -go to your WP-Admin control panel of your blog.
    -On the main dashboard, click “change theme”
    -Click the tab “install themes”
    -Search the theme name you want, and click “install”.
    -Then click the “Manage Themes” tab at the top.
    -Activate the theme you want.

    2. Easyish Way
    -Dashboard of WP-Admin
    -Change Themes
    -Install Themes Tab
    -Upload Tab
    -Upload the theme file (.ZIP)
    -Manage Themes Tab
    -Activate It

    3. If you can’t find the theme in the database of wordpress, follow these instructions.
    -Keep the .ZIP file of the theme you downloaded.
    -Go to the file manager of your wordpress blog site (Or use FTP)
    -Go to “wp-content >> themes”
    -Upload the .ZIP file to there.
    -Extract the .ZIP so it creates a folder of the theme name. You will know you do this correctly if you see the theme name as a folder along with the rest of the default theme folders (twentyten, etc.)
    -Once you have the theme folder under “themes” go to your WP-Admin control Panel again.
    -Click “Change Themes”
    -WordPress will automatically find the theme folder you just added if you did everything correctly.
    -Click “Activate” on the theme you want!

    Hope this helped!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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