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  1. antistandard
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have viewed all the posts I can handle for the last 3 hours on adding a table into a post or page content using the default editor.

    what I understand:
    1. You can't add tables in the default editor
    2. You need to use wp-table to import tables in csv format
    3. there are no other plugins for handling table insertion

    what i have tried:
    1. thinking about using tinymice as the editor but then decided that might not be a good idea because i will probably lose the photo/video/media manager of the default editor
    2. tried wp-table but found that my excel table exported the csv file correctly but the plugin didn't create a new row when it read a carriage return. so, a file that looks like :

    ends up looking like:
    one two threefour five six

    which sux and is wrong.

    so now i am lost as to what to do to use tables.

    does anyone happen to know how i can import csv files more accurately into a post please.

    thank you very much for any help,,


  2. WebTechGlobal
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Just stumbled on this.

    In short the only question is "does anyone happen to know how i can import csv files more accurately into a post please."

    If your table html is correct and in your content part of your data then there is no reason it won't show up properly that I can think of.

    I developed CSV 2 POST which does what you ask however the idea of CSV 2 POST is that the plugin styles your content for you. You don't create data in a csv file that contains massive amounts of html you are best to only have pure data in there and let CSV 2 POST do the hard work by not only importing the data but stlying your post to exactly how you need.

    I am right in saying your outputting your data so that it ends up with html in it?

    Anyhope you found a solution but I thought I would comment in the case that you might have giving up and moved on to something else and also CSV 2 POST is not long out so it may be the solution you need.


  3. tablewine
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I just used the tiny mice and the addl tiny mice table plugins for a 2 column table with text on one side and images from the media gallery on the other. Works great. Hope this helps

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