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  • Today I installed the wppa plugin into my WP website, and began uploading pictures. I successfully uploaded 2 sets of 15 pictures each, where each jpg was about 50KB. The photo album worked fine in my website. I then uploaded a third group (16 similar pictures this time). This upload hung up and then crashed my WP database, such that when I pointed a web browser to my site, the site’s wp-admin/install.php web page displayed (as though WP was not installed yet, at all). This is running latest versions of WP and the wppa plugin.

    I believe I know what happened. After recovering the database, it appears that the upload process failed while uploading, and immediately after storing, a jpg whose name contained four consecutive periods (“Ron McGee. What….I won.jpg” to be precise).

    As Joe Pesci might say, does this theory hold water?

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The filename is no the problem (i tested it). You had just ‘bad luck’ that yuor php’s max_execution_time was up in the middle of a MySql query. This is a programmers nightmare. I think this is a php/mysql problem, a query should be a so called ‘atomic’ (un-interruptable) operation. Unfortunately atomic operations and/or the possibility to define theme are very scarce in modern operating systems. This is also the reason why i do no longer use auto increment, the counter can get stuck at maxint, blocking the entire db table (brrrr!)

    I will try to find a way to check the remaining time during multifile uploads/imports to be able to gracefully end the procedure, let’s say at 5 seconds before timeout.

    Thanx for the report.

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