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    Hello Guys,

    I was thinking of this or how I can achieve this. So, I have published two multisites website and there running good..My concern was the plugin and themes, I mean I have the blog.dir and mu-plugin folder but when I do upload a new plugin or theme it wont go there. Is there a way to do it?? I mean, if I used a theme for my main site and used it also on my subsite but with different styles, How can I get that to work..?? One sample of my multisite is this one…If I want to change the background color or image for the french page?? How can I get to achieve it,..??


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  • when I do upload a new plugin or theme it wont go there.

    Well. No. They go in wp-content/plugins and wp-content/themes, same as always.

    Well yeah…Thats what its doing..So, those mu-plugins and blog.dir folders I created are nothing to do..So,how about if I used similar themes but different styles on them? How can I get to achieve it?? Or should I just rename the theme so that its a different but similar??


    Paul Barthmaier


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    Hi there,

    Is this a new multisite that you are building? I ask because you say that you created a blogs.dir. You may not need that directory. If it’s a new install created with WordPress 3.5 or later, it won’t use that folder any longer. If it’s an older one, it’s fine if you have it.

    For your question, however, if you are interested in having different color schemas on subsites using the same theme, you should consider using a child theme. To understand more, please consult:

    Essentially, your child theme will pull in information from the Parent theme and then load the child theme information unique to a subsite. And further, if you have a unique name for your child themes, you can have as many children to a parent as you like.

    If you bought your theme, many theme authors will have child themes premade for you and you might easily just grab one, install on your network and activate on the sub-site that you want it on.


    Thank you for the response..Guess so, I wont need those blog.dir..I didnt know u wont need that on the new version of wordpress..

    For the other one about themes..So,you mean, I can create multiple themes??I didnt know you can do that..Lol…

    Paul Barthmaier


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    Hi there,

    Well the theme is really what the theme author created, ie the parent theme, but with child themes you can style the theme in as many ways as you have child themes with a unique name.

    yeah,,I know that already..Ive been using child theme when I develop..My concern was for multisite..With same theme but different styles.

    You can make as many child themes as you’d like, but I would recommend a plugin like Jetpack’s CSS feature instead. easier to manage.

    Ok..Well, for a full different styles on the subsite.I guess,doing a child theme is the easier..

    Thanks…Maybe in next version,There’s a more better way or Another settings for multisite will be added..:)

    for a full different styles on the subsite.I guess,doing a child theme is the easier..

    If by STYLE you mean style.css no, a child theme is NOT easier. Site-admins can’t edit them. Easiest is a plugin to let each site edit CSS 🙂

    Well, Yeah,..That also..But my concern was not only the CSS but also, if I have to edit on the header or footer or a code..

    I haven’t got into this situation..But maybe in the future ill be facing a problem like this..So, im gathering info on how..:)

    Users can’t edit your themes… (you can edit CSS, and other per-theme settings, but NOT the theme files). Can’t edit plugins either.

    There IS a reason for this: If someone can edit your PHP files, then they can use that to write code that gives them access to the REST of your install and, logically, your server. It’s a HUGE security hole, and WP would rather protect you.

    If everyone needs to be able to customize their themes and plugins, you’re better off with multiple single, separate, sites.

    If the themes need to be customized then you need to either do it yourself with FTP / SFTP or put the users on their own hosting accounts so they can do it on their end.

    Where talking about multisites here..Not different sites…

    Thank you for the response though…:)

    talking about multisites here..Not different sites…

    I’m talking about WordPress Multisite 🙂 Let us know if you have any more questions about this.

    Hahaha… Well, thats my concern…Different styles on different websites with the same theme..Just like this sample…You can see that the french and english is on same layout..So, I was wondering If I change the layout of the french without using another theme.Just the same theme as the english site.

    You can change the general styling of the theme with a CSS plugin. If the theme requires styling beyond CSS then I would duplicate the theme, rename it, and then edit to satisfy your requirements.

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