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  • Here’s my problem:

    We have 60 videos that need to be imported into 60 new Posts, one Post per video. Of course, the slow, manual way of doing this is by uploading each video one by one then creating new Posts one by one and inserting each video into its own Post.

    Damn you, WordPress, and your too simple upload media library!

    So, I see two options to take from here:

    1. Import all 60 videos into the Media Library using some kind of script. This script could also create 60 new Posts and automatically embed each of these videos automatically into its own Post.
    2. Don’t import videos into WordPress at all. Upload them to a directory using FTP. Write a script that will create 60 new Posts and automatically inserts each of these 60 videos into its own Post.

    Even on top of that I’d love for those videos to be automatically imported into this awesome video embedder plugin instead of the media library included in WordPress:

    I wish someone would write a plugin that would do one or both of these things! Any suggestions as to what I should do?

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