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    If you want different menus for each branch, use different batchIds. The indices for the first batchId will be created for you – you will have to create the others using the shortcode. Look at the page that get’s generated, add to another page, and change the batchId.

    Note that trees between batchIds are NOT linked.

    I’m not sure I understand how this is done. My first gedcom upload would be batchId 1. What is its generated page,the rootspersonaTree page? What am I ‘adding to another page’? And lastly does the shortcode go in a blank page?

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    When you install RootsPersona, buy default it creates rootsPersonaTree page, a Person Index, and an Evidence Index.

    The rootsPersonaTree page is created as sort of an empty dummy page under which all persona pages are created. If it wasn’t there, all persona pages would be created at the ‘top’ level, and would show up by default in the main menu in most themes. That means a little bar with hundreds of entries. So RootsPersona creates the parent page, makes all persona pages children of that page, and tells WordPress by default “don’t include children of rootsPersonaTree in any menus”

    Because most people just want a single tree, RootsPersona also creates a default “Person Index” and “Evidence Index” for batchID 1. They are what they say, and are helpful for people with simple needs (iuncluding me).

    If you look at those two pages, you will see that they just include simple shortcodes –

    [rootsPersonaIndexPage batchId=”1″/]
    [rootsEvidencePage batchId=”1″/]

    Now if your needs are more complex and you want to separate your data as you indicated, when you upload a GEDCOM file, you indicate a different batchID (let’s say ‘2’). This keeps the data separate within rootsPersona. However, rootspersona does not create the Person Index or Evidence Index for the new batchID – it can’t guess how you want to organize you indices.

    So you can do it yourself. Just create a new page (doesn’t HAVE to be empty, but makes sense that it would be), and include the shgortcode somewhere in it:

    [rootsPersonaIndexPage batchId=”2″/]

    Now you will have a second index of ONLY the people in batchID 2. Repeat for the Evidence Index if you like.

    You don’t have to create a rootsPersonTree page for the new batch by the way, and be careful not to delete it – it makes a mess of your WordPress menus!

    There are other things you can do with the rootspersonaIndexPage shortcode by the way, including dividing up your data by surname wildcards (a page for A-B for example). Unfortunately the documentation is a little out of date. Let me know if you want to use that feature and I’ll guide you through it.

    Does this help?

    Ed, I have a Buddypress site related to genealogy and I’m trying to find a way where each group/member would have the option of having their own family tree. Would I need to follow the same steps you provided for etespey. Dale

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    Yes? But there is no security around it that would limit someone to a specific batch id.

    So if its just understand that people in group A maintain batch id 1 and people in group B batch id 2, its fine, but if you want to limit group A to batch id 1, the security isn’t there to support that.

    Thanks ED for your quick reply. I will give it a try and let you know how it works out. Dale

    Great information. Answered a lot of questions about the shortcodes I’ve had. Would like to see how to do the dividing up by surname you mentioned.
    (BTW, sorry to see your host also got hit by the hackers that shut down mine this week. Hope your host get’s things fixed soon. At least your site can still be accessed.)

    Nevermind that last post request. Just found the answer here:

    Hi Ed,
    I have update to the latest wordpress version and I cannot get the plugin to work. The files in my gedcom did not connect to their parents or siblings. I had to manually select create pages for all my entries; a whopping 2300 and they all just showed ” ? ” for family connections. Please tell me what Im doing wrong here. Ive seen the plugin in action and i love it but it is not working for me. Thank Anne

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    haven’t forgotten you, just been busy. Need to get my dev env backup and running to test the problem out,

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