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  1. Alyksandrei
    Posted 3 years ago #

    My client is trying to use an iPad to upload some audio clips, but we can't seem to do it. When I tap "select files", I can only choose photos. Is there a way to select audio files (mp3, wav, or something)? Or anything besides photos?

    I don't own an iPad, so I can't really experiment, but I would hope it's possible to do. I know the "drag and drop" won't work (can't show multiple programs side by side), but you'd think "select files" would work ... it must be more complicated on iOS than the regular operating systems. Can Android tablets upload non-photo media files?

    NB: I'm not sure what version of WordPress we're using, but it's less than current, because I keep getting this message asking me to upgrade (which I'm not quite ready to do yet). It's probably 3.4.x.

  2. paulmalenke
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It is my understanding that due to the way iOS is designed there is currently no way to upload anything other than photos or videos with the WordPress for iOS App.

    Someone chime in if I am completely wrong.

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