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  • Hi All – I am a Life coach and not a WP expert but my webmaster has set up my website so it’s relatively drag and drop. He is also at a loss for this challenge which is why I am asking here. This way I can blog and post pics and such. So, in the last month, I have had an issue where I try to upload pictures or media and I get an HTTP Error and it won’t upload. I have tried jpg, pdf, png, wav, mp4 – all kinds of media – same thing. I have tried this in safari, chrome, firefox – same thing. So it’s not the internet browser or the type of media. I even have checked and double checked that the files I am trying to upload are less than the max allowed to be uploaded at any one time and they are WAY under. I have restarted my internet, nada. So I am kind of at a loss. I am working on a program launch and this kinda is causing problems b/c I can upload media. I even though I had maxed out space and deleted a bunch of old thing and still no dice. Anyone else having this issue or hopefully have a solution? If this is in in the wrong place – apologies – I am new here and wasn’t sure where to ask. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello @micheletn,

    As you are getting http error when uploading media, below are list of possible solution
    1. Decrease your image size before uploading.
    2. Increase PHP Memory(A little bit complicated) – but you can ask to your hosting provide to increase PHP memory.
    3. Mod Security
    Your server may have mod_security, and it might be causing problems.
    Disable it to see if that is the problem. (if you don’t know about this ask your hosting provider to check it)
    4. Plugin conflict
    There might plugin cause a conflict. Once deactivate all the plugins and try to upload media.

    Thank You

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