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  • Is it possible to upload images to your WordPress from a different IP address? Currently, I don’t have an internet connection at home and I’ve been trying to upload images from another IP and all my images are reporting broken, where they’re external links.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • I am not sure I understand your question.
    It shouldn’t matter where are you uploading from, meaning you can do it on any computer in the world that has internet access.
    However, if you mean that you want to use images that are on other people’s website – that should be resulted in broken links or something even worse… because it is bandwidth theft.

    I’m using the images from my own Flickr account. Since it’s imaging hosting, I don’t see how it’s bandwidth theft.

    Would there be any other reason why all my images are coming in broken?

    In that case the only logical explanation would be that you are not using the correct link/code.

    I am using the regular image uploader in the Visual part of the posting. (as in, not the HTML). I am also copying and pasting the link.

    I even have the image in my gallery. WordPress sees the image and all I do is select its alignment. I try to add the image to my post and the pop up goes grey and then nothing else happens.

    Is this a browser problem, maybe?

    I am also copying and pasting the link.

    You shouldn’t. In the Add media thing you have an option to add/insert it in the post. Use it.
    Or, learn the basics about inserting an image in a html code:

    I don’t think I’m being clear. 🙂

    Adding media, like you suggest, is still giving me a blank screen. It does not add the picture at all. I have these pictures on my desktop as well and it’s still not making a difference.

    After I click, “Insert into Post,” the following is what I’m given:

    Just a blank screen. No image uploaded.

    Also, doing it the HTML way also does nothing.

    HTML 101.
    To use an image in any html (web) page you MUST use the
    <img src="URL_GOES_HERE" /> code.
    Period. Don’t argue, just learn.
    What is on your desktop… doesn’t matter.

    This is exactly what I have in my HTML code:

    <img src="" alt="" />

    Nothing appears. Not even a broken image.

    Is there anything else I’m doing wrong?




    thats not an image, its a web page. You are attempting to display a web page within an img tag – for obvious reasons, that will not work.

    That’s what I was wondering. Makes more sense now.

    Thanks for the help.

    Please excuse my utter and complete stupidity on that one. I finally got it. 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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