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Uploading Files to WordPress Folders

  • Is there a way, probably by some plugin, to download files from my WordPress installation from the dashboard(I know I can do it from the Control Panel).
    The is a plugin named WP easy uploader that I use for uploading files but I coudn’t find a similar plugin for upload.

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  • If you have file-level access to your server (either through a server control panel, FTP/SFTP, Remote Desktop, or what not) it’s easier to access your files that way. You can also sort of do it through the “Media” inside of the WordPress admin although that’s a bit more hassle.

    But maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to accomplish.

    I suggest using an FTP client (WinSCP, FieZilla, etc.) on your local computer to access your remote files on the host. This way you can have a local copy of your theme files (setup a child theme), which you can edit with a text editor like Notepad++ and sync your changes to the server.

    Your theme files will be in wp-content/themes/name-of-your-active-theme

    Thanks all
    But I prefer to use a plugin. Usually with most plugins, or with the “Media” button, the only available folders are below the WordPress root folder. I need to access the root folder(WP easy uploader does it but only to upload…)

    When you allow a plugin running on WordPress to have access to your server’s file system – there’s a whole lot of security issues that come into play. Is it possible? Yes. Is it advisable? Generally no.

    Here’s some possible plugins that *might* do what you’re asking (I haven’t tested them and make no recommendations):

    I still advise using your server control panel or FTP/SFTP client to view and access the server file system.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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