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  • glfmkg


    Hello All,

    I understand that they are countless post about this issue; but this one is slightly different:

    My setup:
    Windows 2008 Server
    PHP 5.2.9-1 running with FastCGI
    MySQL 5.5.27
    WordPress 2.9.1

    I moved this WordPress from another server (also and windows server). New server is clean and has nothing on it, just this new blog wich I’m trying to make work. The setup of the server is identical to the older one (I kept the same versions of the software)

    The problem is that when I go to media and select “add new” it allows me to select a file and shows me that upload it, it takes the name of the file and everything, but it doesn’t really upload it. It shows it in the media list with a broken image icon. When I check the server under wp-content\uploads the file is not there.

    I have setup my php.ini file to upload files to:


    and I have applied NTFS permissions to that folder. I have given the IUSR and IIS_IUSR full permission to that folder.

    Also I have given the same two users full permissions to \wp-content\ folder under the blog.

    I’m running out of ideas… would apreciate any others.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • andyiancu


    If I may, why are you going through the headache of using IIS??
    You can try Windows Azure if you insist on an M$ product, or simply go for the hassle-free installations on servers like MediaTemple, Bluehost,…



    Thanks for the mention andyiancu and glfmkg, if you have any questions about our services please let us know.

    Kat D.
    (mt) Media Temple
    Social Media Team

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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