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  • Hi everyone,
    I am Sarah and I’m pretty new to the whole creating a website with WordPress thing. A friend and I want to start a blog and we bought a domain and installed WordPress, so far so good. I’ve also played around with it a little and know some of the features. I bought a pro theme and I wanted to upload the demo content so it’s easier for me to customize the page. But it doesn’t seem to be working and the recommandation is to upload it to a freshly installed WordPress. Well I installed WordPress a while ago, played around a little with the free version of the theme and made some settings. Now I bought the pro version, also did some work but now wanted to upload the demo content and it just doesn’t work. Is it possible to kind of reset WordPress to its settings it had in the first place? But will I lose the bought pro theme then or can I install it once more with the bought key?
    I will be thankful for any tips on this, thank you very much!!

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  • There are plugins to reset WordPress database. Content and settings are in the database, so if you reset the database you lose those. The files of WordPress are what you installed from the zip file, and wouldn’t be changed. Any files you uploaded (images) are what you would need to read the description of the plugin to find out about. Uploading a file has two parts: one is the file and the other is the database entry of its details (file name, image size, etc.) So if the reset just empties the database, that would remove all the image details, and when you attempt to upload it again, if the file is still there, the second one would have a 2 on the end of the name.

    You can import content at any time. You don’t need to reset first.


    There is a plugin, but I’d do it like this if you’re a beginner:

    – Delete whatever pages, posts, comments you created. You can do that from within your Dashboard.
    – Check the theme’s settings to see if it has a reset/restore factory settings button, and click it.
    – If it doesn’t, just delete it. It will most likely still keep some settings in the database, but it should not be a problem.
    – Install it again and try to upload the demo.

    You can also uninstall WordPress and install it again, which is easy if you used an auto-installer, such as Softaculous, from your web host’s control panel.

    Now, you said that the demo won’t work. What does it do? It doesn’t start the download process? It downloads, but doesn’t implement the demo properly?

    If it doesn’t start the download, it can be a server issue, either on the theme developer’s side or your web host’s side.

    Normally, once you bought a premium theme, it’s yours, and you can install it, uninstall it how many times you want. You won’t lose the theme. You can always download it from wherever you bought it.

    What’s the theme’s name?

    What Radu is saying is common thinking : uninstall and reinstall. But that is erroneous. There are two parts – files and database. uninstall and reinstall just affects the files of most plugins and themes. There are some that have code for the deactivation that ask if you want to delete settings, but those are rare. The database is usually intact, so deleting the folder and recreating it from the zip file is just a time waster (unless you have a missing file or an error indicating corruption of a file).

    @joyously By uninstalling, I meant everything, both files and database.

    Being a beginner, I assume she installed WordPress using a tool, such as Softaculous, which is provided by a lot of web hosts.

    Uninstalling WordPress using a tool will also uninstall the database, if not chosen otherwise, as you can see in the above link that I provided.

    A manual uninstall should also include the database.

    @broseph @joyously
    Thank you very much for your help, it worked to delete the database with a tool and I managed to install the demo content. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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