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    Sorry I’m very new at this so please excuse any misused tech terminology. I am sure there is likely a guide for this step (I have used guides throughout what steps I have completed), but I have had no success in find it.

    I’ve designed a site on that I now have to upload to an FTP to replace an old website.

    I have downloaded the program used to do this originally (FileZilla), downloaded to my computer and uploaded it to FileZilla. I have also exported the original site as an xml file.

    Having completed these steps, how do I post the content to the new domain?

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  • Deciphering what you wrote

    1. You have your own self-hosted WordPress site now
    2. You made a backup from your site, you want to put on the new site.

    On the new sites dashboard, the wp-admin. You go to tools -> import and import that backed up .xml file which will recover all of your posts

    You have WordPress all setup on the new site ya?

    1) Yes, through eNom, which I’m running through Filezilla (as that’s what who designed the previous website used).

    2) Exactly.

    “You have WordPress all setup on the new site ya?” — I’m starting to doubt that. It appears that this is where the gap in the guides I’m following exists (or where I’m missing something).

    I’ve uploaded all the files through FileZilla, and that was the last thing I did. Still looking at directories in FileZilla. I have no idea how to get to “new sites dashboard” to even be able to click “tools -> import”

    Is that making sense?

    Thanks so much for looking at my problem.

    If it helps to clarify things, I’m trying to replace this: with the site I’ve made:

    I just keep getting to a stage in each walkthrough saying to do this:

    “Login to your self installed WordPress administration panel and from the menu on the left click on TOOLS – IMPORT.”

    and have no idea how to log into that post uploading the files to my domain client.

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    If it helps to clarify things, I’m trying to replace this: with the site I’ve made:

    Also deciphering what you wrote: you want to ask at the WordPress.COM support forum.


    If anyone can help you get your data into WordPress.COM, it would be them. and

    @jan Dembowski

    That’s not what I’m trying to do. I have to export my site from .COM so I can put it up with FileZilla/Worpress.ORG as simply changing the name servers will disable the company I am doing this for’s email.

    So I’m at the point where I’ve exported my site, and uploaded onto Filezilla, but when I go to the install link (in most guides: so in my case: I get an error message so I cannot upload the .xml file from my .COM export.

    Have you set up a database on your new host for your .org site?
    Did you follow the 5 minute install directions?
    Just uploading WordPress to your server does not mean that you installed it.

    ^ I see the error – it appears that not everything was ftp’d properly to her server.

    To FTP WordPress (from
    1. Download the file.
    2. UnZIP (open it up) and move the contents to a folder on your harddrive. There will be some files in the root of it and 3 directories, wp-content/ wp-admin/ wp-includes/
    3. Open up your FTP program, login to your hosting. In one screen you will navigate to the place on your harddrive where you unzipped/placed the wordpress files. In the other side (your server side) you will navigate to your public_html (or root location) where you will move the files over. Highlight *everything* from your harddrive and drag it over to the other screen, your server side.
    4. Login to your control panel for your hosting, create a database for WordPress and database user. as per those guides ^ linked by dragonsjaw.

    If you have troubles installing WordPress, I know for a fact that the eNom guys will definitely help you out. You should contact them.

    Thanks for your help. It’s installed and running now!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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