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  • I think it’s because it’s inserted as an attachment, not a link. On the “map” page, if you just insert a link to the .pdf instead of inserting the file as an attachment like you might a photograph, it might achieve the desired effect. I think your link might look like this:

    <a href="">Ida Valley Map</a>

    Mmm… (and thank you) I get what you are saying but in order for me to link to the pdf, surely I have to upload to WordPress server first (for something to link to..)? And if that is so, it seems a rather convoluted process to me (or is my logic totally illogical)?

    Tried to do this but had an internet error (suppose it couldn’t find the file – not sure). Note: checked I had the right filename in the Media Library – run out of ideas.

    surely I have to upload to WordPress server first

    Of course you do. Either using your ftp client, hosts file manger or the WordPress media uploader.

    It’s a pretty simple process actually.

    1) Upload the file to your site using whatever method works best for you.
    2) Simply create a link in your post or page using the absolute path to the file.

    That’s all there is to it. And the example I posted above is exactly what you need to post on that page in order to have the .pdf file open when the link is clicked. Try it yourself.

    Yes understood now – however, I don’t think WordPress likes PDF files as I get an “Internet Explorer has stopped working” when trying to click on the PDF link on the Map page and the Newsletters page. All other file types seem fine?

    I just tested the link on your Map page in Firefox 3.6 and IE8 and it worked great in both for me. Looks good!

    Yes, it seems others can view the page fine – must be my computer – will keep trying other options!

    Hi there, well – I have found the culprit… I’d installed Limewire Pro for my daughter last week and had heard a whisper that it stuffs everything up (that’s very technical). Anyhoo, uninstalled it and what do you know…I can see what I’ve uploaded.

    Thanks for your help. Really been invaluable.
    Cheers, Barbs

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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