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  • I recently upgraded to the latest WordPress, and I have to say, I hate this new ‘file management’ system. Uploading used to be very easy, now I have to futz around with clicking on icons and hoping they size properly and hoping they actually link to where it stored them and so on. I hate it.

    I used to be able to upload files purely for the sake of uploading them and linking them elsewhere… not to post on the blog, but perhaps on a forum somewhere. But no, now everything redirects to index.php.

    I tried making a new folder, totally unrelated to wordpress, and uploading things into that via my website manager. No dice. Even when I added an htaccess file to it turning off rewrite for that folder, it doesnt seem to have done the job.

    So… any advice would be welcome, and count me as a big vote for either dumping the ‘file manager’, improving it significantly, or far better, making it a separate tool from the posting page.

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  • *bump*


    Advice? Find a plugin – instead of bumping, try searching and look for some of the assorted plugins that replace the built-in piece.

    Regarding Paragraph 1: Upload the picture. Click on the picture. Admire the menu. Click for the settings you want…

    which leads us into Paragraph 2: Nowhere is it mandated that “thou must click “send to editor” on an uploaded picture”… For example, here’s one that I just uploaded, but isn’t on a post: test me!

    Paragraph 3: Huh? I guess there’s not enough detail there for me to see why/how that’s a WP issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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