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    Since the latest WP update I am having significant problems, not only with the display of my NextGEN gallery slideshow but also the NextGEN Public Uploader on my forum page.

    The Public Uploader acts erratic, sometimes it throws an error “are you sure you want to do this?” (not one of my error messages in Public Uploader settings!) Or it will geek the page load display badly when I attempt to upload and never displays an error message. Or more recently it appears that I am successful selecting an image from my hard drive, titling it (my field) and then it returns a message “Your image has been successfully uploaded.” However when I refresh the gallery, nothing has uploaded. I never receive a notification email although that is set properly in my Public Uploader Settings. All Uploader settings are correct and are pointing to the correct gallery. The widget is properly set up in the side bar. Nothing has changed in at least 2 years. It has worked flawlessly so there has been no need to worry about it.

    Additionally, whether related or not, the NextGEN slideshow (using the gallery where the images are uploaded to) in the side bar, when the page is loading, displays all images in the whole gallery vertically for about a minute or so, and then finally the slideshow will start working correctly.

    The NextGEN forum has not been able to provide me any help with the slideshow. I don’t know if these two issues are related.

    I have gone through the troubleshooting, disabling all plugins, trying a default theme, enabling plugins slowly to determine if one is at fault, logged out, logged in, tried it both ways. I tried this in several browsers, firefox and chrome both tell me I am successful.

    I tried the js error console but show no errors related to the NextGEN slideshow or the Uploader.

    Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated. This plugin is very valuable to our site where owners upload pictures of their sick dogs.
    Thank you, Matoca

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    I’ll do my best to address the areas I see being directly related to public uploader, but I am not able to directly address the issues with the core plugin.

    "are you sure you want to do this?"

    This error is usually related to permissions within WordPress core, and is not a message you set, nor is it a default value that we’ve set. You state that you’ve been using the setup for a couple years now, so I am trusting it’s not something new here. I can just state that it’s usually from WP core. I do not know why it may have suddenly started up.

    Not sure what you mean by “geek the page up”.

    When refreshing, are you checking on the frontend or the backend? Backend would be ideal because that’d be where all should be displayed, public or not.

    Are other emails from your site going out like expected? Or is it just this spot?

    This retracts briefly on my first statement about NGG Core support. Regarding the vertical slideshow that eventually kicks in, it sounds like a case of the images are being loaded first, before the javascript that makes the slideshow work gets loaded/parsed. Essentially a pagespeed/optimization issue.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Of interest: Last night I discovered that the new images that we have been trying to upload are actually going into the gallery, but somewhere in the middle of the gallery, out of “date uploaded” order. That’s why we weren’t seeing them! Of course that is not a Uploader error at all but something wrong with NextGEN.

    I have continued to have problems with NextGEN not presenting the gallery images to me in “date uploaded” order when I am accessing the gallery, for instance to place an image in a reply or post. In other words, new images uploaded would go into the gallery properly, last page with the newest image. But when trying to access them to place in a reply/post, they are presented as “somewhere” randomly in the gallery, no sorted order, but generally about in the middle of the gallery. I had asked NextGEN to please add a feature that would allow sorting for this purpose but they said it wasn’t a highly requested item. Trying to work with the gallery like this is painfully slow and it can take up to 15 min to find an image by having to search all pages of the gallery and actually insert it into a reply.

    Now it appears that this failure to put new images in “date uploaded” order into the gallery from NextGEN Uploader is also happening. This would be the first time this has ever happened.

    By “geek” I mean the html is scrambling the page display, losing some of the CSS instructions.

    I’m not sure how I would check the “backend” of displaying of the page. I do have multiple computers and a phone to check the page display. They all show the same behavior, a failure of the js to load the slideshow as soon as the page is requested. I understand enough about js to know that the js could be moved up into the page higher to improve that, but why all of a sudden after working for years ok, is this a problem? Yes it is true, all images are being loaded quickly onto the page but without the js to organize them they just spill down the page.

    None of this is an Uploader problem, I can see that. Thank you for your time answering my questions and helping me figure this out!
    my best, Matoca

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    By “backend”, I meant the WP Admin area and gallery management there.

    Curious about the messed up html output, though I’m struggling to figure out what could cause that part.

    Glad I could help determine some issues, though I wish I had helped solve some so far.

    Just logged into the dashboard and there are 18 Photocrati updates that weren’t there last night! ;-}

    We’ll see what impact this has on my specific issues.
    my best, Matoca

    I installed the 18 Photocrati updates and just uploaded an image from the Uploader on the forum page. It loaded quickly into the gallery, to the last gallery page, just as it is supposed to do. Success!

    It appears that the slideshow is also loading quickly on my work computer and my phone. I’ll need to try it on a fresh computer later to make sure this isn’t caching helping, but it seems like this is also resolved.

    The only problem I need to resolve is why I am not getting any notification emails for successful image uploads. I have had notifications emails set properly in Uploader Settings for a long time and it has always worked. Since this whole Photocrati problem started, we have not been receiving email notifications that a new image has been uploaded, thus us missing the new images that went into the gallery directly.

    Looks like Photocrati had some major issues to address with the latest WP update. I downloaded the update log to see what was impacted and the updates are global.
    my best, Matoca

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Are other emails coming through with the website like expected? Curious if there’s an issue affecting everything, or if it’s possibly specific to just our plugin.

    I decided I had better do some complete research before answering you back. I had a long chat with Bluehost support to find out if a number of my notification emails were being held back as spam. From what the tech said, no, things are not being blocked. But yet, it appears that many of my notifications, generated by various plugins, are not getting to me. For instance I have Wordfence and it is supposed to notify me of every login attempt. I have not been receiving them.

    So the answer is no, it’s not just the Uploader notifications that are being blocked. Now Bluehost suggested to me that I uninstall and reinstall all the plugins with notifications. I think that is a overkill. I suppose I could re-save each plugin’s settings with the email addresses listed, but I doubt that really would make a difference.

    This appears to be a bigger problem that started with the most recent WP update. I’ve carefully enabled one or two plugins at a time trying to figure out the guilty parties. But everything improved site-wide today when I did the 18 Photocrati updates. The site started loading really fast and that is the first time there has been any improvement since the WP update. One moderator has been trying to put a single NextGEN image in a topic and save it for 3 days but she couldn’t get the topic to update, the button was greyed out.

    Photocrati was clearly the main issue with at least some of the problems and I am grateful they issued a fix. I’ll do more research when I have a few hours and see if I can resolve the notification problem. I’ll let you know what I come up with.
    my best

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Sounds good, you know where to find me. 🙂

    I spent way too much time on a Bluehost chat with no resolution for why I am not receiving notification emails. So I decided that rather than fighting Bluehost on this I would find a some other way to get my notifications.

    I found a WP plugin, Postman SMTP, that authenticates to Bluehost as “me” and sends my notifications to me. Postman notes that Bluehost and a few other hosts like Godaddy are problematic when it comes to SMTP mail. Other users can set up a Google API that allows them to use their favorite email host like Google.

    However, after getting the correct mail host information from Bluehost I was able to setup Postman properly. I uploaded an image and promptly received my notification email, sent by “me” to me, via user agent Postman SMTP.

    Problem solved. Thank you for all your help!

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Awesome to hear, thanks for the update Matoca.

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